Monday, December 28, 2009

I Be Flippin'

Watch out bloggers, we will be flippin in 2010! Oh, the videos to come...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Baby's Got Some New Shoes

The Hubby was tasked with buying Cookie some new sneakers and this is what he brought home for his little princess...

They are superfly! Looks like Daddy is turning into a Fashion-Dad-nista. A very proud moment for the two of us. Now I have the confidence in him to do more clothes / shoe shopping and he has the confidence in knowing that I will not be sending him back to the store to exchange his purchase. Win, Win People.

Tis the Season!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's Christmas Time

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Can I get a Swaddle?

Oh, yes you can Moo! This little gem is a miracle blanket and should be on top of your Christmas lists this year if you have a precious newborn.

It was just what Moo needed to get her through the night. And through the night I mean ALL night long. I would take a picture of Moo demonstrating her swaddle, but it is 6 am and this Rookie Mom has finally learned never (under NO circumstances) wake a sleeping baby. I have Charlie aka the dog, to thank for the early morning wake up call.

Woo Hooo, three nights and counting...

Mama is finally getting her under eye bag removal treatments, with good ol' fashion sleep.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Early Riser

Monday, December 7, 2009

Here Is A Little Story

Seasons Greeting Bloggers -

Saturday was a shopping day like no other. We were on a mission to end the Sofa Hunt of 2009. Yes, our sofa was on top of our Christmas shopping list. Priorities people! I figure that Santa will take care of the kiddos and bottom line Mama needed a new sofa to enjoy her reality TV.

The day went a little something like this (beginning at 5AM)...

Feed Moo. Take kiddos to school for Parent's day out. Drive to Furniture store and manage to avoid massive traffic on I-45. Laugh at sales guy who is trying to sell a 6k dollar sofa to a couple with a two year old and a three month old. Leave furniture store to have lunch. Arrive at #2 furniture store for a quick run through before the restaurant opened. Enter #2 furniture store, divide and conquer. Then it happened just like that, we saw a light shinning over the perfect sofa. Trumpets played in the background as I noticed that 50% off discount. Hubby negotiates another 20% off and I become a very happy wife. Salesperson writes sold on my new 70% off sofa. We go to lunch. Excited about our purchase, we map out our plan of attack for getting sofa to the house. Never mind the fact that we just saved 70%, we were not going to pay for the delivery charge. Apparently, that is a sin in our cul de sac. I just roll with it. We go and pick up the kiddos and return home to move old sofas into the garage. Hubby makes trip #1 to pick up first sofa piece. Hubby makes trip #2 to pick up remaining pieces. Hubby and neighbor put two pieces into the house. Third piece begins to present a small problem. Small problem turns into a very Large problem. Front door comes off the henge's to minimize now said large problem. Front door falls and shatters. Now we have a shattered front door and an incomplete sofa in the entry way. Hubby swings into action and goes to Home Depot for new front door, while incomplete sofa piece remains in the front yard and a big hole is now present where my front door use to be. Cookie has cereal for dinner. Furniture store is called and given the option to come put piece in the house or haul the hold thing off. Blanket is placed over the new hole in my front entry way. Cookie is on a sugar high from cereal. Hubby purchases new front door and hires help to install it. Cookie poops in the kitchen (additional blog post to follow). I step in it. Hubby takes my shoes outside to spray them off. Furniture store arrives and takes a whopping ten minutes to put the last remaining piece in the house. Kiddos go to bed. Hubby sees the last second of the TX game. Door Installers finish up with the door around 11 pm. We go to sleep! Day 2. Hubby makes a final trip to Home Depot. Door install 2009 is complete! 3pm the family sits together on new sofa for the first time and admires new front door from the distance.

Lessons learned. Always pay for the delivery charge, never assume that putting a new front door in is a small project and never, I repeat never leave your child unattended when they are potty training because...Poop Happens and you might just end up stepping in it every once and a while literally and figuratively.

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Holiday Shopping Break

Just wanted to let everyone know that we are on a little blogging break to christmas shop and put our house in order for Santa's arrival this year! Buddy the elf on the shelf is watching over Cookie and Moo.

This year Buddy arrived and is sitting on top of our front door. We let Cookie know that he chose that spot because he wanted to make sure that she didn't go out the front door unattended again! We also told her that he is Watching her every move.

We will be back on Monday.

Until then, happy holiday shopping!