Friday, December 17, 2010

Greetings From the North Pole

Dear Cookie - I have been talking to Buddy the elf everyday and he has been keeping me up to date on your behavior. Since you have been so good I wanted to send you a quick message from the North Pole.

And one more thing Cookie - Santa is very proud of your progress on the potty! You will always be successful if always give it your best try. Remember what Mommy always says, "Can't Never Could."

Take care of our Buddy. We miss him at the North Pole and cannot wait to see him on Christmas Eve. But remember please do not touch him and you must be in bed on Christmas Eve in order to Santa to arrive. We love you very much and kiss your Sissy for us!

XOXO Santa

Friday, December 10, 2010

Daddy Go Get My Horse

Our little Cowgirl.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Super Load, but the delicate cycle of course. The kiddos thought it was funny, the employee at Home Depot - Not so much.

The look on Cookies face pretty much says, "Sissy, mooooovvve. This is my dryer you go get in the washing machine."

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Well, Isn't That Something

Nine years have come and gone and through it all (ups & downs, highs & lows, late night baby feedings) you are still the one.

Even though I may not say it enough, I am thankful that I picked you! Okay, in all honesty I am thankful that we picked one another.

Happy Anniversary to this guy...

You are a wonderful father, at times a pain in my bum, my biggest fan, and most of all the one I still want to grow old with (and annoy the heck out of - just saying somethings may never change)!

You were right, this is a wild ride. But I am glad that we have been and will be sitting together through it.

Happy Anniversary!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Clean Up, Clean Up - Everybody Everywhere

There are times in life you when just need a little song to get the job done. Clean Up, clean up, everybody everywhere!

Now, if only I could get that motivated with a little jingle.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

I Heart Technology

It is the little things on a business trip that I really enjoy like...

...getting a video of my girls heading out to trick or treat and Cookie telling her sister to say, "I love you Mommy."

...and being able to see the hubby's super fantastic family pumpkins.

Thanks Honey - You made it feel like I was there!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Goodbye October - Hello November

Seemed like yesterday we were melting in the TX summer heat and now November is approaching. Time - slow down! Wonder where we have been lately? Well we have been wondering the same thing.

October literally came and went and in the mist of all the chaos I even managed to turn another year older. I have to admit, this XX (age to be undisclosed) is beginning to look pretty good. I would like to think it is because of my impromptu order of Cindy Crawford's Meaningful Beauty. I am only on day 20 and let's just say I am not getting any offers to walk a catwalk (just yet), but I do like the moisturizer.

I have also been traveling for work. I was home for the week but will return to the airport security lines on Sunday. The girls have really enjoyed their Daddy time and needless to say, Daddy has really been recharging his Daddy batteries. Kudos to the Hubby if you see him. Better yet buy him a drink he may actually need one or ten by the end of the month.

With Halloween approaching we are gearing up for the girls Fall festival. Cookie and Moo enjoyed their trip to the pumpkin patch and hit the pumpkin mother load. I love the following picture.

Even though I couldn't hear exactly what they were saying I can almost predict that it went a little something like this...

Cookie: Daddy just one more
Daddy: No Cookie, we have enough
Cookie: But Daddddyyyyy, we need just one more.
Moo: Listen you crazy loon, we have enough!

Ahhhh, you can just see the love.

I am actually going to try roasting (attempt not to burn again) pumpkin seeds again. Wish me and the League City fire department luck.

Today is the Fall Festival at the kiddos school, so we needed to do a trial run on the costumes. Cookie desperately wanted to be a bunny but since this procrastinating woman she calls Mom couldn't find one (in her size or didn't look like she was going to the Playboy Halloween party) she settled on being a Puppy. Which turned out to be okay because she learned she could wag her tail...

And because she could bark at her sissy that is a dinosaur. Why a dinosaur you may ask? It is because that is what Cookie wanted her to be.

Together they make a great tail wagging, dinosaur roaring duo.

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Missed It By That Much

I am smiling in relief and she is thinking that her tip toes might do the trick. Needless to say our fearless little Cookie wanted to go on all the rides including the drop zone. Which of course I stood my Mommy (very thin) ground on that one. She settled for the mini drop zone.

I wouldn't be surprise if this kiddo goes base jumping one day. I just better be DEAD when it happens. Three is becoming pretty interesting.

Moo, on the other hand would just prefer to kick it with a cold one!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

And the Oscar Goes To...

...Cookie - Leading Toddler in a Drama! Cookie played the leading role as a toddler who slightly bumped her head while getting out of Daddy's fun truck. Her portrayal of a poor, poor pitiful me toddler and band aid costume accessorized by a boo boo bunny was remarkable.

Next up the category for Best Baby in a comedy! Moo is a shoe in for this one...

Disclaimer: Please note that there was NO blood shed in the making of Cookie's movie only a few tears that a hug and a popsicle dried away.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Baby Got Back

Apparently i-tunes is so 2009 and Pandora is so 2010. I am now a card carrying member and it feels so good (insert song in head).

The last twenty-four hours have been a sweet musical ride! From old school rap, to reliving my Robert Earl Keen days in Nacogdoches this website is now apart of me where ever I go. It has taught me the appreciation of mobile apps. Now TMZ has a friend in my apps folder next to Facebook and Social priorities, people.

Here are my stations.

Yep, one could say I that I like to keep my music diversified.

Oh and the best part about, it has given me a reason not to hate my treadmill as much. Let's face it Baby Got Back and will be with me every single mile.

Thanks Mr. website developers, a job well done!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Real Woman

When I was young I never dreamed about walking the runway or being the next super model. My dreams were more geared to running the board room. So, I never really paid much attention to trends when it came to weight (then or now). Skinny, Plus sized, it didn't matter as long as that person felt good in their skin!

So I find it rather disturbing that this is the new plus size...

Yeah, Yeah designers want to be PC and have the exposure that all sizes make the runway but give me a break. Do you think that this woman really is a plus size? In my opinion she could easily represent the Real Woman. The woman all designers should keep in mind when designing their collections - The child rearing, cellulite loving, Spanx wearing Mamas.

Well, that little rant felt G double O D - Good. Now please excuse me while I go and put on my workout clothes (for a workout that may not happen), tie my hair in a bun and tackle another fun filled potty training Sunday.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What About 105

Five Cook Girls, One Papa Ken and a anniversary were all celebrated this past month, so that meant one thing - Shopping! One Saturday Cookie and I went to scout out what she may like for her birthday. The usual suspects were Dora, Olivia, spiderman and one overly obnoxious remote controlled big foot doll. Needless, to say Bigfoot is still in his demo cage at Target.

As Cookie played with all of the dolls, I looked around as well. Then I stumbled across this...

Up to 104! What do you think someone at the young age of 105 might think?

Let me guess, maybe a little something like this...forget about Bitty Buttons, give me Bitty Bourbon and a pat on the back I am still alive, lordy I am still alive.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sneaky Sneaky

I learned a trick a couple of weeks ago that must be shared. If you have little ones that are at the age of having slumber parties this is a must read. If anything it is more of a sanity trick more than a tip.

For this post all names will remain victicous in order to protect their idenity because I know they are one of my tens of readers.

Mildred's daughter Lucy was having a slumber party. Of course the one of the goals of the party was to see how late the girls could stay up listening to the Jo Bros and watching movies.

No Problemo for Mildred...

...she moved all of the clock's forward. Yes, people this Albert Einstein out smarted the wild and moved all of the clock's forward three hours. The clock of the TV was a little tricky but she quickly learned how to move it forward as well.

4 AM really was 1 AM and all kiddos including Lucy were fast asleep. Sneaky, Sneaky. Well, actually it is pure awesomeness!

Highly advised to pass it along. Now if you have kiddos with cell phone then this trick might pose a problem, but if they are ten or less you should be good.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Go Mama

I was feeling a little spontaneous on Sunday and jumped on the Hubby's hog. Okay really it is a scooter, but hey I was living in the moment.

Here is the proof.

I have to say that I had the best cheering squad! Listen closely and you can hear Cookie in the background chanting, "Go Mama, Go Mama." Oh that Cookie, what great team spirit.

I guess she thought Mama could use some sprit sprinkles because I had a hard time getting that darn thing started and chances of me even leaving the drive way were looking slim. But I did it and I am sure that I gave the neighbors a nice Sunday laugh.

To be honest, I am just thankful that I didn't eat poop while riding. Also, I am glad that I came back when I did, because Cookie was just about to the put the postage on her sissy.

I wonder where she would have shipped her off to? China perhaps, so she could see Ni Hao Kai-Lan.

Friday, August 20, 2010

I Do IT All By Myself

We are nearing the end of August, which means that my babies will soon be another year older. Another year of new milestones approaching. Another year of Cookie showing me just how independent she is becoming and another year of Moo learning how to defy the laws of gravity.

Most importantly, another year of me learning how to loosen their baby wings and letting them fly. However, I do have my limits and I will put my foot down when it comes to hanging from the chandeliers and flying from the banisters.

Last night Cookie showed me just how quickly time is passing by and how much she is growing into such a wonderful and smart little girl. [Bias - Yes, Much.] Last night, I sat patiently as Cookie conquered her first big girl puzzle all by herself. Yes, she has completed smaller puzzles but this was a big one! A Princess, a castle, a deer, the whole fairy tale.

Every second I could feel myself inching off of the chair each time Cookie asked, "Does it go here, what about here, here Ms. Mom, Ms. Mom I do it all by myself?" I have to admit that I am very proud of myself for letting her do it all on her own. For those that know me, it was a big deal for me to just sit there. I mean just sit there, no movement.

Just like that she did it - All by herself!

As for the "Ms. Mom" - I guess that I should explain. Cookie is super fantastic when it comes to her manners and learning her family members first names, so much so that she feels the need to call me Ms. Mom. We are working on dropping the Ms. part, but it is a work in progress and it is definitely a attention getter when we are are out in public. On a couple of occasions I have received an eyebrow raise in the checkout line when we are shopping and she is yelling, "Ms. Mom, Ms. Mom followed by where is K.C. he's my daddy". Think what you will people - we are here for your entertainment.

Oh that Cookie, I am sure that as the years progress the Ms. Mom will turn into something different!

Monday, August 16, 2010


It is pronounced Paycasso in the Cook household, none of this Picasso stuff or Van Gogh. It is more like Van Gue!

Then after hours of creating some of the most unique works of art, we like to take our little Paycasso and wash her off in the dog sink.

Yep we know - our little Paycasso likes to make sure that she gets her bum clean. On second thought I might need to go and check her art work to make sure that she didn't paint a portrait of her bum.

At this point, I am pretty sure that this little Cookie will be the one making copies of her hiney on a copier one day.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's A Roomba

If you have floors, a hatred toward vaccumming, and still toying with the idea of hiring a maid - then you need this...

The Roomba could possibly be the best piece of technology ever made and the best impulse purchase ever made. I know, I know those with iphones, ipads and anything else with i in front of it need not to comment on how much they disagree with the prior statement. This review is based on the opinions of a Rookie Mom who is tickled pink at the thought of never having to physically vaccuum another floor the rest of her life.

Unlike the Ronco Rotiserre, you can really just set it and forget it. It even docks itself when it is about to loose power. Wow, wouldn't it be nice if our kids did the same? We could turn them on, let them run around and then they could safely return to their docking stations at night?

Okay - wishful thinking about the never having to vaccuum part and my kids docking into their power stations at night. A girl can only dream.

Disclaimer - I am not a spokesperson for Roomba and did not get paid for this post, nor do I have one to giveaway. But if the marketing genius of Roomba want to donate (hint, hint) give me one to donate - holla.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Hello My Name is Kari and I Am Still A Blogger

Well shame on me! I have left my tens of readers hanging with nothing to read and only a picture of my kiddo in front of a Bud Light sign to sit and ponder, were the Cook's really at the circus?

Well truth be told, the circus is long gone, but I still have a couple of Monkeys running around. See look my version of caged animals.

Cookie and Moo decided to have a crying contest right outside our office. I am pretty sure that Cookie won, but then Moo gave her a run for her money when she tried to pull the bow from Cookie's head. Cookie got extra points for smashing her face against the mirror - very dramatic effect. I am glad to report that there was no blood was shed and no -I am not raising little UFC fighthers. It's all Love not War in the Cook household.

Bottom line - we have been a little busy with the people we love and I did something a little out of the norm...I found and used the OFF button on my blackberry and my computer. That meant that the blog had to take an impromtu vacation as well.

Over the course of the last couple of weekends and a few days off at work, I have managed to defeat my grey hairs, host two sets of grandparents, celebrate many August birthdays, watched my kiddos play with their cousins, and laugh so hard my stomach hurts.

Cookie gives the weekend two thumbs up...

And I am proud to announce that Moo is no longer the poster child for The Twilight movies. Her two front teeth have officially arrived...

... And last but not least Cookie still loves to swing.

Yeah, it was pretty great and just like the bumpper sticker say's Life is good and Mean people really do suck. As for the mean people part, just throwing it out there to the mean person who hit my car in the grocery store parking lot and left. Respect the Van people it's 4DKIDZ!

Now we are back to bloggin'. All systems are up and running and I am back in the saddle of being Rookie Working Mom enjoying the last bit of summer.

Friday, July 16, 2010

It's the Circus - Not a Bar

Now that the dust as settled a little with the move the Hubby and I decided that the time was right to get together with great friends and take Cookie to her first circus. The Cooks and Jones had a great time getting together to ooh and ahh at the lions, tigers and bears oh my.

It was interesting to see how the circus had changed since the last time I attended. There is no longer the flying trapeze, they no longer sell t-shirts that say There is a Sucker born every minute and they reference things such as texting and DVD's.

Oh how the circus can make one feel so dated so quickly - okay truth be told - maybe I am feeling a little dated because of the all of the grey hairs I noticed getting ready for the circus. Excuse me while I enjoy my pity party, but since it is Friday I will save you from the whining while I get back on topic. Mama needs her hair did is clearly another post another day.

Cookie enjoyed every zing, zang, zoom minute of the show and of course it was only fitting that we go to the circus to score a picture in front of a Bud Light sign.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy weekend!

Monday, July 12, 2010

My Little Party Crasher

Saturday was a fun filled day of pictures, and a birthday party. Cookie was early to rise and I was early to rise to make sure that I had my survival kit in order for the day. I was flying solo while the Hubby was on a much needed fishing excursion.

By 9 AM we were out the door and on our way to the studio. On our way to the mall, I preyed that we were not going to have a poop-a-palooza in the back seat.

I have to give it to the place where we get our pictures taken, they have a great location in the mall. Right next to Build A Bear aka Build A Bribe and Starbucks. I scored the first appointment of the day and managed to get there (poop and spill free) in just enough time to insert a quick coffee IV.

As we waited for the studio to open we watched the kiddos in line outside of Build A Bear. They were squealing with excitement and I could see that Cookie was feeding off of it. So, I folded and told Cookie if she was really good for the picture I would take her to Build A Bear afterwards. Besides nothing says good parenting like a little bribery. In my book it was a win win. She got a bear and I got a great picture.

Let's just say in less than thirty mins we were in and out of pictures. I scored this...

And Cookie scored this...

I was so proud of Cookie not only for following instructions, but I could see how proud she was of herself for doing such a great job. To be honest she could have really cared less about going to Build A Bear. But a deal is a deal.

We decided that since we were out, we might as well hit up the indoor play ground at McDonald's. On our way to McDonald's we discussed what Cookie was going to order. When we arrived she walked right up to the counter and placed her order. Chicken Nuggets, french fries and white milk. Then it was my turn. I have to admit, that I had to catch my breath a little, in awe of her independence.

I noticed that there was a birthday party being held, so we decided to eat inside and then play. After lunch Moo and I waited on the sideline as Cookie played with the kiddos attending the birthday party.

After about twenty minutes the Host of the birthday party announced that it was time for pictures. I called Cookie to the sideline so that they could take their picture. I explained to Cookie that the picture was for the birthday girl that we didn't know and that it wasn't a good idea to join the picture.

Then just like that it happened, Cookie crashed the picture!

Standing tall in the background for all to see. Not to make a scene I graciously apologized, and quickly snapped the memory of Cookie's first time as a Birthday Crasher. Needless to say, I put my foot down when she insisted on standing in line for cake. She was okay with it because she was going to Lexi's party that afternoon and she knew that she could have a piece then.

Overall the day was a great success and sometime over the course of the next week, it will be my Cookie that is standing tall in a strangers birthday photos and be known as the kid that no one has no idea who she is.

Oh that Cookie, my little party crasher!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Code 3 on U Scan

As the work day came to a close the Hubby and I decided it would be hot dogs and chips for dinner. A dinner fit for a King - actually a dinner fit for a Mom that was to tired to whip up a meal with actual substance. I figured since I lost out on Mom of the year on January 2, why not plop down mystery meat for my growing kiddos.

We needed to grab a bag of cheetos for the kiddos, so we thought we would make an uneventful trip to Krogers. While we were there we thought it would be a great time to go ahead and stock up the wine fridge, since it was now dusted off and fired up.

As I grabbed my super sized container of Coffee, the Hubby hit the chip aisle next to the wines. We loaded up the basket with six bottles, just so mama could get her 10% off. It's all about the savings people.

We headed down to U Scan because the lines were beginning to pile up with the rest of the 5'oclock (let's run to the store to pick up dinner)crowd.

We placed our items onto the counter, swiped our savings card and everything was right in the world, that is until....

...Everything came crashing down! Yep, all six bottles slowly fell to the ground for all the patrons with their ten items or less to see. Pure humiliating awesomeness.

In my head it was like a scene from a movie, when something is falling and you see the person going after it in slow motion yelling, "NOOOOOOOOO." In reality though - I frooze, the Hubby frooze and the attendent just shook her head. And just like that we became a code 3.

Apparently a Code 3 is a grocery code for, "Some idiots just made a major mess in my lane, and I need a mop stat!"

So, I did what any wife would do - I left my husband standing there alone in a sea of wine and (with my head down) I shamelessly went back to the wine section to restock my cart. As I headed back to the scene of the crime - the Code 3 rang loud throughout the PA system.

We offerred to pay for the broken bottles but Kroger graciously reassured us that we were not the first to have this happen. Needless to say we quickly left Krogers, so quickly we walked right pass our car.

Morale of the story, there is no sense in crying on spilt wine!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Only The Strong Will Survive

Potty Training! Cookie was a brave solider this weekend in conquering the potty training battlefield. At times we thought she might be a goner but she fought a good fight and continues to march forward. We are so proud of our little solider.

Most of all this holiday weekend we were honored to celebrate the bravery of the many men and women who fight everyday for our freedom. We hope that you all had a safe and blessed fourth of July weekend.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Little G.T.L. Without the T

In case you might be hiding under a rock and have not been in touch with the main stream (useless but just can't resist) entertainment media, my title may just be throwing you off a little. So allow me to explain.

GTL is the marketing sensation from our friends at MTV and it all went down at the Jersey Shore. It may be so 2009 but it is here to stay for at least another fist pumping season. The G is for Gym, the T is for Tanning and the L is for a term that we have to do a little to often - Laundry.

Today I found myself experiencing a little G.T.L. without the situations. Recently I switched gyms to a one a little closer to home, well and to be honest it was a little (much) cheaper. Today was my first day to actually have my membership card swiped in 45 days, not that I am counting or anything.

Truth be told, my credit card statement actually reminded me that, maybe I might want to check it out, since I am paying for it after all. The scale also reminded me that I was hurting his back and I needed to stepped off. Since Mr. Honest Scale showed me what I didn't want to see, I did his back a favor and put him back under the bathroom sink upstairs far far far away from my kitchen pantry.

My new gym is a little different from my last to say the least. The dudes look a little something like this...

and the women a little more like this...

When the techno song came on during spin class, I was betting money that at any minute that the dude next to me was going to jump off of his bike with his gold chain, sleeveless t-shirt, slick back hair and start giving the class a little fist pumping action. Unfortunately, he didn't but there is always Thursday's class.

As for the T (tanning), well that membership expired in 1999 when I came to my senses and realized that I could spend my tanning money on the finer things in a college,like cheap wine and late night Whataburger. On a side note, now that my glory days in college are behind me I am pleased to announce that I have moved on to more sophisticated types of wine that do not come in packs of four or boxes, that my metabolism can no longer handle late night Whataburger runs and last but not least I now understand the benefits of using sunscreen.

After all, I do not want to look like this in the next ten years.

And for the L, well it is still sitting at the bottom of my washing machine just waiting to be washed.

Maybe I will just make it a G kind of day.