Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Real Woman

When I was young I never dreamed about walking the runway or being the next super model. My dreams were more geared to running the board room. So, I never really paid much attention to trends when it came to weight (then or now). Skinny, Plus sized, it didn't matter as long as that person felt good in their skin!

So I find it rather disturbing that this is the new plus size...

Yeah, Yeah designers want to be PC and have the exposure that all sizes make the runway but give me a break. Do you think that this woman really is a plus size? In my opinion she could easily represent the Real Woman. The woman all designers should keep in mind when designing their collections - The child rearing, cellulite loving, Spanx wearing Mamas.

Well, that little rant felt G double O D - Good. Now please excuse me while I go and put on my workout clothes (for a workout that may not happen), tie my hair in a bun and tackle another fun filled potty training Sunday.

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The Frat Pack + Me said...

That is SO not a plus size!!! What the heck?