Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Have Music - Will Dance

In the Cook chateau there is a lot of music - from country, to rap, to kidz tune we love a good beat. We even love The Biebs! Now, don't get me wrong we are not blazing up the thermometer with Bieber fever, we are just keeping' our tunes diversified.

In case you didn't know it, the Cooks also love a good dance off, it is free and highly entertaining. Especially when the somersaults come out and the hubs tight rolls his jeans because a JAM has taken him back to the day.

Lately, our girls have started raising the roof, as soon as they crawl out of bed. This past Sunday was not exception, Cookie wanted to turn on her "jams" first am. This is fine by me, because that gives me approximately ten minutes to get the coffee IV going.

Did I mention that it was 6:30 am on a Sunday morning! Okay, technically it was 7:30 due to the time change but everything is a justifiable big deal to a non-caffeinated mother of two on a Sunday morning, whose body has not adjusted to the time change!

As the girls broke it down, Cookie wanted the video camera rolling aka blackberry. [I am pretty sure the battery on my camcorder has been dead since 2009].

And this is what I got...

...kinda looks like Moo just served her sister with that nice little stare off at the end of her dance.