Tuesday, September 28, 2010

And the Oscar Goes To...

...Cookie - Leading Toddler in a Drama! Cookie played the leading role as a toddler who slightly bumped her head while getting out of Daddy's fun truck. Her portrayal of a poor, poor pitiful me toddler and band aid costume accessorized by a boo boo bunny was remarkable.

Next up the category for Best Baby in a comedy! Moo is a shoe in for this one...

Disclaimer: Please note that there was NO blood shed in the making of Cookie's movie only a few tears that a hug and a popsicle dried away.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Baby Got Back

Apparently i-tunes is so 2009 and Pandora is so 2010. I am now a card carrying Pandora.com member and it feels so good (insert song in head).

The last twenty-four hours have been a sweet musical ride! From old school rap, to reliving my Robert Earl Keen days in Nacogdoches this website is now apart of me where ever I go. It has taught me the appreciation of mobile apps. Now TMZ has a friend in my apps folder next to Facebook and people.com. Social priorities, people.

Here are my stations.

Yep, one could say I that I like to keep my music diversified.

Oh and the best part about Pandora.com, it has given me a reason not to hate my treadmill as much. Let's face it Baby Got Back and Pandora.com will be with me every single mile.

Thanks Mr. website developers, a job well done!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Real Woman

When I was young I never dreamed about walking the runway or being the next super model. My dreams were more geared to running the board room. So, I never really paid much attention to trends when it came to weight (then or now). Skinny, Plus sized, it didn't matter as long as that person felt good in their skin!

So I find it rather disturbing that this is the new plus size...

Yeah, Yeah designers want to be PC and have the exposure that all sizes make the runway but give me a break. Do you think that this woman really is a plus size? In my opinion she could easily represent the Real Woman. The woman all designers should keep in mind when designing their collections - The child rearing, cellulite loving, Spanx wearing Mamas.

Well, that little rant felt G double O D - Good. Now please excuse me while I go and put on my workout clothes (for a workout that may not happen), tie my hair in a bun and tackle another fun filled potty training Sunday.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What About 105

Five Cook Girls, One Papa Ken and a anniversary were all celebrated this past month, so that meant one thing - Shopping! One Saturday Cookie and I went to scout out what she may like for her birthday. The usual suspects were Dora, Olivia, spiderman and one overly obnoxious remote controlled big foot doll. Needless, to say Bigfoot is still in his demo cage at Target.

As Cookie played with all of the dolls, I looked around as well. Then I stumbled across this...

Up to 104! What do you think someone at the young age of 105 might think?

Let me guess, maybe a little something like this...forget about Bitty Buttons, give me Bitty Bourbon and a pat on the back I am still alive, lordy I am still alive.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sneaky Sneaky

I learned a trick a couple of weeks ago that must be shared. If you have little ones that are at the age of having slumber parties this is a must read. If anything it is more of a sanity trick more than a tip.

For this post all names will remain victicous in order to protect their idenity because I know they are one of my tens of readers.

Mildred's daughter Lucy was having a slumber party. Of course the one of the goals of the party was to see how late the girls could stay up listening to the Jo Bros and watching movies.

No Problemo for Mildred...

...she moved all of the clock's forward. Yes, people this Albert Einstein out smarted the wild and moved all of the clock's forward three hours. The clock of the TV was a little tricky but she quickly learned how to move it forward as well.

4 AM really was 1 AM and all kiddos including Lucy were fast asleep. Sneaky, Sneaky. Well, actually it is pure awesomeness!

Highly advised to pass it along. Now if you have kiddos with cell phone then this trick might pose a problem, but if they are ten or less you should be good.