Monday, April 25, 2011

Behind the Lens

Recently, I decided that it was time that I get started on putting together Moo's baby book. Never mind the fact that she is almost two. With that being said, I would like to thank my outlook calendar for being my "go to" to log my babies childhood milestones.

Maybe now is a good time to reiterate that for the fourth year in a row, I am not vying for Mom of the Year.

I am proud to say that to date, I have taken the wrapper off of her baby book and have actually put pen to paper. Bless her heart, when she reads this one day it will be like a game of Fact or Fiction?

Oh and by the way, in case your wondering, I blog in the moment and can assure you that our family escapades are all FACT! Our blog is our "unscripted" reality, poop stories and all.

Anyways, back to the reason for today's rambling of a woman with a couple of minutes to spare. When I first started working on Moo's book I started by going through our family photos. I started shuffling through them, I realized that almost all of them were of the girls, K.C., charlie, family, friends, and random people that I just couldn't resist not shotting because of one reason or another. I noticed that I could count on one hand how many photos I am actually in. The following were my favorite because of the stories they told...

The first one was taken during the first christmas in our new house. I hate to admit it, but this picture has survived longer than the drapes in the background. Since, this photo was taken they (the drapes) have found a new home and the hubby has finally admitted that he didn't really care for them. Gotta love delayed decorating honesty!

The second one was taken yesterday. Yes in less than 24 hours I actually posted a picture of a Mama and her girls! What you don't know about this photo is that I am trying hard to get one smile, before I become covered in chocolate. By the time the girls went Easter egg hunting their candy was a melted pile of Butterfingers goodness. The melted eggs are still "cooling" in my fridge. Every once and while Cookie will pop out of the laundry room with a egg saying, "Mama I am checking this egg and it is good to eat" - as she has already stuffed it in her mouth. Only 38 more melted candies to go.

This got me thinking, "As a mom how many pictures are you actually in?" Vanity perhaps? You don't like your thighs, your teeth could be whiter, need just a little bit more blur to hide the bags under your eyes? Whatever the reason is, do you always seem to behind the lens?

In an effort to get more hot mamas in their photos, I want to share a secret with you. Check out the following site.

It is a free photo shop site and easy to use. No, this is not a advertising plug. I came across this site because I too wanted to erase the bags under my eyes. From what I have learned I don't think you can change your body to look like a Victoria's Angel but it can help to soften the (kids won't go to bed, deadline due at work) bags under your eyes appearance.

Check it out! But remember when you start touching up your latest facebook profile picture that no matter what you look like you are priceless to someone.

Now, back to Moo's book - poor kiddo is always waiting!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Have you heard about David, Dave, Mr. Z - well me neither until this morning. Prior to my call with David we were just two strangers passing up and down South Shore Blvd. So, how did I meet David and why was it of such importance that our paths cross?

Well, let me explain. I am currently in school and knee deep in a particular course. In this particular course my peers and I became stuck on a certain topic.

So, I did what any working Mother, at her wits end with a head cold would do...I googled the name of a field professional in hopes that at least one person would respond to a subject line that reads, "Poor Graduate Student Seeks Advice."

David's name and number appeared first, so I quickly fired off a email with my particular question. Can you guess what happened next?

He replied to my e-mail within five minutes! He even walked me through my problem step by step. The best part was, I actually understood what he was saying.

All I can say is that, if this is the type of person David is with a complete stranger, I could only imagine what type of customer service he is providing to his clients. I applaud his compassion to help out a complete stranger and most importantly I am in awe of how well he was able to explain the process to me in terms that even my pea brain could absorb.

Now if only my pretend investments were real, I would want to work with this guy and you should too. His commitment is true - He can help you make informed investment decisions based on your specific needs!

Call him today and just say that a happy grad student referred you!

DAVID ZIMANSKY Financial Advisor Address: 3027 Marina Bay Drive, One Harbor Square, SUITE 202, League City, TX 77573 Phone: 281-538-0270 866-766-0657 Fax: 281-538-0218 Email: