Thursday, February 24, 2011

Say it Loud, Say it Proud

The helmet may not be necessary, but it sure is a nice touch. Take a moment and say it loud, say it proud...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Martha Daddy

Last Saturday the Hubby and the kiddos bonded while I attended class. After teaching the kids the joy of picking up after themselves, he needed another way to keep them entertained while he weather stripped the backdoor. While the kiddos colored, the hubby went to the garage and put on his Crafty cap and came up with this nifty little crafty idea...

Yep, you guessed it! Homemade pom pom's. All you need is a little weather stripping and duct tape. It is easy to put together too! Simply apply the weather stripping to your backdoor, then cut up the backing of the stripping into little pieces and last but not least wrap the duct tape around the pieces. Wah Lah - a super duper, made with love pom pom, courtesy of my little Martha Daddy!

Cookie cheered for hours. Especially for the pop corn that was popping in this picture.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cookie Say What?

Recently Cookie was moved up to the older three's classroom in January. Goodbye diddies and hello full time pantie wearing big girl! We are so proud of our Cookie.

Now that she has conquered the potty she has been spending her free time perfecting her little signature phrases. Here are a few of our favorites...

Huh, what you say - Holding her hands out to give it more of a dramatic effect.
That's Gross - Nose raised and eyes squinted.
Busted! - 24/7 regardless of what you are doing, if she can see you then you are busted.
I'm comin - Always followed by a Uggghhh.
Sissy pleaze be quiet - This is usually Saturday morning, when Cookie is in her room trying to sleep. I love that she continues to use her manners and always says please.
I did it, I pooped in the potty, can I go to McDonald's?
Where we going - Holding her hands out and shrugging her shoulders
One Sec - Holding up one finger
Case Stop it - This is usually when her Daddy is tickling her. Yesterday, I heard her say, "Hun it is in here," followed by the Hubby saying, "It's Daddy!"
Can we stay a little ile
I sleepy, five more minutes - followed by go get Sissy up first as she reaches for the covers and pulls them over her head.

Here are a few of her phrases that come with complimentary time outs...

Sissy you are a poopy head
Sissy you not a poopy head you a tee tee head

And then there is this one - The Parent Tester...

Don't tell me what to do - This one is usually when she is tucked away in her room and I am down in my bedroom. Close enough for me to hear, but yet far enough away for her to know that by the time, I have reached her bedroom I have had the chance to cool down.

Yep, with this one, Cookie scores a Major timeout!

In case you are wondering what a major timeout is, well it is the classic - "Go to your room and think about what you just said, march it sister!"

After three minutes in major timeout, you can always find Cookie at the base of the stairs pleading, "Mama, I ready to talk about it." We talk, we hug, we talk some more, we laugh, we talk some more and then all is right in the Cook household.

Oh the life of a Threeanger. You never know what may come out of her precious, sassyfied mouth.

As for Moo and her future catch phrases - the jury is still out! I can say that she does have the word cheese down.