Thursday, February 10, 2011

Martha Daddy

Last Saturday the Hubby and the kiddos bonded while I attended class. After teaching the kids the joy of picking up after themselves, he needed another way to keep them entertained while he weather stripped the backdoor. While the kiddos colored, the hubby went to the garage and put on his Crafty cap and came up with this nifty little crafty idea...

Yep, you guessed it! Homemade pom pom's. All you need is a little weather stripping and duct tape. It is easy to put together too! Simply apply the weather stripping to your backdoor, then cut up the backing of the stripping into little pieces and last but not least wrap the duct tape around the pieces. Wah Lah - a super duper, made with love pom pom, courtesy of my little Martha Daddy!

Cookie cheered for hours. Especially for the pop corn that was popping in this picture.

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PatriceLSU said...

Cookie looks like Riley in this picture!