Friday, March 28, 2008

My Buddy & Me

My Buddy and Me like to climb up a tree, my buddy and me are the best friends we can be...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Oh Blog I have Missed You..I have So Much To Tell

The past two weeks have seemed like a whirl wind since we have last chatted. So many updates to report. Oh, where to begin.

Well, first and foremost our little Cookie has been doing so much better since our exciting trip to the ER. The next day started out with around the clock temperature checking...

By the afternoon Baby Einstein Mozart had inspired our Little Cookie to play a tune for her Mama...Her masterpiece is still in the works, but believe me there is some real talent there. American Idol 2020 we are on our way.

After a few days of around the clock temperature checking and hours of Baby Einstein logged our little Cookie not only conquered the piano she is also getting the hang of rolling all over her bed. I walked into her room to find her like this.

St. Patty's Day feel on the next Monday so we had to make sure that Cookie was all decked out in green. Because you know kids, they love to pinch you if you are not wearing green! I just couldn't stand the thought of other little babies pinching our little Cookie, even if they are under 2 feet tall. On the other hand I think Cookie could have cared less...

As St. Patty's day came and went, the Easter weekend arrived. We had a fabulous time and enjoyed having a house full of guest. We of course enjoyed our paper plate Easter Dinner and the Hubby thanked me for such a quick clean up so that he could get out to the garage to enjoy his weekly Saturday evening filled with another award winning episode of Cops.

Meanwhile back in the house Cookie Enjoyed her time with her Aunt Jamie!

As Easter morning arrived, Cookie got a kick out of her Monkey Easter basket. Though I don't think she much enjoyed the 100+ pictures I insisted on taking Easter morning. As a Rookie Mom I had to catch every moment. She looked like a little Angel.

That morning we were off to her GG & Papa Ken's to celebrate Easter again. She has really enjoyed her new minivan and gets a kick out of sitting in her car seat. Especially when I sit in the back with her.

As another week begins we hope that you and your families had a safe and happy Easter weekend. Today we are off to get Cookie her six month shots, so look forward to another update soon.

Monday, March 10, 2008

When Motrin Just Isn't Enough and Baby Einstein Is On Auto Replay

Last night the Hubby and I got to visit our local ER with Cookie in Tow at the nice hour of 10:00 PM. Over the last 48 hours we have learned a lot about our patience levels and most importantly that we can do this thing they call Parenthood. Not that we ever doubted our capabilities we just truly never know what the future holds and that no matter what we are TEAM COOK through thick and thin!

[Now, I am sure you are sitting there reading in anticipation as to the reason to why we decided to take Cookie for a visit of the hospital at such an odd hour]

Well, truth be told our Cookie Dun went off and got a mild case of Pneumonia. She began running a high grade fever and Motrin just wasn't enough. As of now she is okay and the fever is gone. She has been enjoying her Baby Einstein Videos for a good...FIVE Hours and just talking up a storm. Though I am banging my head against the wall hearing those little puppets over and over again, I would like to Thank Mr. Einstein for their Auto Reply feature. Because of it, I was able to snag an hour worth of sleep in the wee hours of the morning.

The Dr. said (by the way George Clooney doesn't moonlight at our local hospital ER neither does John Stamos but a nice Dr. whose name I cannot begin to spell with a very impressive medical vocabulary does) her ears, nose and throat looked good but her little chest had a little bit of the good old fashion crud. One X-Ray, a shot and the great Staff attention we received at the hospital Cookie is doing great now. I would like to give a big Thanks to the creation of modern day medicine. Sorry, Tom Cruise; Scientology wasn't going to get us out of this one.

When we arrived home at 1:30 am...did I mention AM! Cookie was sleeping but was ready for a snuggle with her binkie in her own bed. I don't think she much cared for those florescent lights in the under decorated but much appreciated ER room they placed us in. Calling HGTV our local hospital could use a splash of color.

Though she didn't sleep completely through the night she is resting and eating well today. Hallelujah!!!

The two lessons that we learned through this experience is simple:

Hind sight is always 20/20 and God will never give you a problem that you can't solve by believing in your capabilities that he has given you as new parents! We will always go with our gut instincts.

The gift of prayer is a blessing and it should never be forgotten that the prayer hot-line is open 24/7. I would like to send a big shout out to the big man in the sky who gifted me with a little extra Patience at 3:30 am, this morning. It was used wisely.

So, to our family and friends who have been checking in on our little Cookie through out the day we would like for you to know that she is doing great! If you wonder what we will be doing the rest of the day we will be continuing on with our Baby Einstein Movie Marathon.


The Cook Infirmary

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Can You Do This?

I arrived at school today to see Cookie doing this...

I was so proud that I screamed in delight and raced home to show The Hubby. You go girl! Little Miss. Independent is holding her own bottle. The first of many talents to emerge.

A Look Into My Cabinets

Shannon over at Rocks In My Dryer is having a Spur of the Minute Dish Carnival. With rain approaching, I thought it would be a great time to share with the Blogging world my three place setting collections and how we view each of them in their own rite.

First up...

Not so Friendly Dishwasher Collection

This is the beautiful china that we zapped while loading up the wedding registry. (The Hubby thought those zapping machines were big fun!)Though we have been married for almost seven years I can count on TWO, yes TWO fingers how many times when have actually used this collection. Once, for our first big family get together with our families and the second was when we announced Cookie was on her way. I think that now they can be classified as well used. If these plates could talk I am sure that they would say, "Thank you for putting us away! We are way to sophisticated to covered in BBQ sauce."

Yes, it is true that is how we roll in our house, bust out the fine china for a nice five course BBQ dinner consisting of brisket, potato salad, coleslaw, roll, and all the fixin's you can think of. However, in all fairness to you Mr. Sophisticated China we managed to serve this five course meal on just on of your beautiful Mr. Big Plates round body and spared your friend Mr. Salad Plate.

Though you make a beautiful display on our dinner table The Hubby prefers not to use you due to the fact that he must stand at the sink and carefully hand wash every each inch of you!

Next Up...

The Dishwasher "Oh Yeah" Safe Collection

You grace our table almost every evening and you have yet to complain when we place you in the dishwasher. For that The Hubby adores you!

And Last But Not Least...

The Every Day Dollar General Collection

You are our friend and our Savior each day. We load you up with everyday goodies and you are always there when we need you. You never let us down. You are strong, available in many colors and always have your friend Mr. Plastic cup and The Utensils Family next to you in the store. You are affordable but never cheap in your offerings. You will always have a nice comfortable resting place in our cabinet.

A Fun Way to Exercise the Old Noggin'

For an update to the post on Momnesia, I have researched ways on how to exercise the old noggin' and sharpen our Mommy memory skills a little.

After spending sometime conversing with Mr. Google, I discovered a site that all Blogging Mom's who suffer from Momnesia might find beneficial. This site is dedicated to helping the human mind & memory grow by offering brain teasers that are quick, fun and free.

Their Mentalrobic section offers Daily exercises and tips for improving memory, creativity, vocabulary and stress management.

Don't worry you won't break a sweat and a gym membership is not required. Now that is what I call a good workout.

Happy Exercising!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hello My Name is Kari and I have "Momnesia"

Over the last six months I have noticed a little change in the old noggin (TX slang for the good old brain). Before Cookie arrived I was skilled with the knowledge of remembering it all...birthdays, anniversary, and what some might say is just plain useless knowledge such as Did you know that the average dog runs 19 mph. However, that all seemed to change when God blessed the world with Baby Cookie.

During the first few days and weeks for that matter of Cookie's arrival I tried to juggle it all: Cookie, my family and the demands of a career. As the days moved on I noticed that I began to do crazy things such as forgetting a load of laundry for multiple days, picking up the phone numerous times only to forget who I was calling or just putting things in silly places such as the milk in the pantry...oops.

I initially passed it off as sleep deprivation. Therefore; in an effort to catch up with all the demands of life and sleep, I decided that it was time to give myself a Time Out and go to my Grandparents aka The House of R & R with Cookie. After a week of nice rest, I still seemed to be forgetting!

It was officially time for me to just relax, empty my plate a little and just leave it up to the Big Man and focus a little bit more on my faith and not so much on my frustrations.

Now six months have passed and the old noggin' seems to be remembering a little bit better as time goes by. Now granted I still rely on Mr. Post It to take down little notes, but I think Mr. Memory is slowly returning.

Now on to the rest of the story...

Today while visiting with the In-Laws I came across an article in the USA Today that I feel every Mom (Rookie and Veteran), might find of interest. It may just be the cure we all need for those so called Mommy Moments.

The article was about a Women in Austin, TX who suffers from "Momnesia" after giving birth. My first reaction to the article was simple...well isn't that silly. Then as I read the article I noticed that some of her traits seemed all to familiar.

After completing the article, I thought how cleaver! I have not only found the cure to my forgetfulness, I can now justify my Mommy Moments by simply saying...

Well dear my Momnesia must be kicking in!

For this weeks WFMW backward edition I would like to pose the question, Do you suffer from Momnesia? If so, what is your favorite Momnesia story?

Have you placed the milk in the pantry today...

Monday, March 3, 2008

A Case of the Mondays

If you should just happen to have a Case of the is a smile to get you through the day.

Saturday, March 1, 2008