Thursday, January 13, 2011

There is a Party In My Tummy - So Yummy!

Sometimes all you need is a little Blue Bell (ice cream) to get you through the day!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

False Alarm

Every Saturday when we are in town, I take the girls to get donuts and then we go to spin class. Nothing like stuffing your face with donuts and then torturing yourself with a two hour spin.

Okay truth be told on the whole spin class thing, I would much rather sit on a bike for two hours listening to old school rap then run on a treadmill, burn half the calories and watch another lifetime movie. Besides our Saturday routine is a win win in the Cook household, the hubs gets a little down time, the girls get their bellies full of sugar and I try to build up the confidence to wear skinny jeans (in public). Which by the way I am not a huge fan because the one pair of skinny jeans that I actually do own, really do not make me feel all that skinny.

Now back to this whole false alarm thing...

One particular Saturday we were right on schedule for class. With donuts in hand and one in my belly we made it to class with five minutes to spare. The only downfall on this day was that the air conditioner was out in the spin room. Good thing was that this meant we would burn more calories, but the bad thing was that the woman who insists on wearing full makeup to class wasn't going to be able to keep it on for the whole hour - Poor Thing!

One hour into class, everything was going as planned. Music was pumping and we were all sweating like little pigs, Miss. America was getting frustrated with her mascara that was running down her face and our classroom version of "The Situation" was basically stripped down to his underwear. We are a entertaining bunch, especially when the fire alarm began to go off!

After we all looked around trying to figure out what was going on, I popped off my bike and went straight for the kiddos. When I got to the room with a trail of sweat behind me, one of the teachers informed me that a child had pulled the alarm. I quickly asked, "which one"? She stated that it was the little girl in the pink, but I could not see my kiddos anywhere near the alarm. So, I walked back to class and sighed with relief that it wasn't my little angels.

But just as I was about to get on my bike I realized that Cookie was in head to toe pink. I quickly gathered my things amongst all of the chaos and went after the girls. As I was putting Cookie's shoes on her teacher approached me and stated that indeed it was Cookie that pulled the fire alarm! Ugghhh, my heart sank, because my little Miss. Honesty not only pulled the fire alarm, she also lied to me when I asked if it was her.

Before leaving I took Cookie over to the fire alarm and sternly stated that we do not pull the fire alarm. Only when there is a fire.

Luckily I managed to get the girls in the car before the fire trucks arrived. As you can imagine there was a huge lesson in all of this for Cookie. As we drove home it was dead silence. Not a word, was spoken! Even Moo could sense the lesson Cookie was about to learn.

When we arrived home, Cookie went straight to her room and didn't even look at her Daddy. The hubby said, "honey, what is wrong with Cookie?" All I could say was, "She shut the place down!"

After explaining the story we both went to talk to her. The next day we ventured out to run a few errands. Before getting out the car for the first stop we asked Cookie what she shouldn't do while we are the store. Her response...

...Don't make a mess, don't throw a tantrum, tell Mommy or Daddy if you have to go to the bathroom, don't pull the fire alarm and don't lie to your mommy.

Poor thing if we make her list any longer, we will never make it into the store. But by dern she learned that lesson. Of course it was at the expense of the entire LA Fitness gym, but she got it.

So next time you see Cookie, feel free to ask her what she shouldn't do while at the Gym. Chances are (fingers crossed) she will say, "Don't pull the Fire Alarm!"

She is cute, she is sweet but beware this precious little thing isn't all that innocent.

Happy New Year to everyone, ours is off to a blazing good start.