Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Oh Blog I have Missed You..I have So Much To Tell

The past two weeks have seemed like a whirl wind since we have last chatted. So many updates to report. Oh, where to begin.

Well, first and foremost our little Cookie has been doing so much better since our exciting trip to the ER. The next day started out with around the clock temperature checking...

By the afternoon Baby Einstein Mozart had inspired our Little Cookie to play a tune for her Mama...Her masterpiece is still in the works, but believe me there is some real talent there. American Idol 2020 we are on our way.

After a few days of around the clock temperature checking and hours of Baby Einstein logged our little Cookie not only conquered the piano she is also getting the hang of rolling all over her bed. I walked into her room to find her like this.

St. Patty's Day feel on the next Monday so we had to make sure that Cookie was all decked out in green. Because you know kids, they love to pinch you if you are not wearing green! I just couldn't stand the thought of other little babies pinching our little Cookie, even if they are under 2 feet tall. On the other hand I think Cookie could have cared less...

As St. Patty's day came and went, the Easter weekend arrived. We had a fabulous time and enjoyed having a house full of guest. We of course enjoyed our paper plate Easter Dinner and the Hubby thanked me for such a quick clean up so that he could get out to the garage to enjoy his weekly Saturday evening filled with another award winning episode of Cops.

Meanwhile back in the house Cookie Enjoyed her time with her Aunt Jamie!

As Easter morning arrived, Cookie got a kick out of her Monkey Easter basket. Though I don't think she much enjoyed the 100+ pictures I insisted on taking Easter morning. As a Rookie Mom I had to catch every moment. She looked like a little Angel.

That morning we were off to her GG & Papa Ken's to celebrate Easter again. She has really enjoyed her new minivan and gets a kick out of sitting in her car seat. Especially when I sit in the back with her.

As another week begins we hope that you and your families had a safe and happy Easter weekend. Today we are off to get Cookie her six month shots, so look forward to another update soon.

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