Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Look Into My Cabinets

Shannon over at Rocks In My Dryer is having a Spur of the Minute Dish Carnival. With rain approaching, I thought it would be a great time to share with the Blogging world my three place setting collections and how we view each of them in their own rite.

First up...

Not so Friendly Dishwasher Collection

This is the beautiful china that we zapped while loading up the wedding registry. (The Hubby thought those zapping machines were big fun!)Though we have been married for almost seven years I can count on TWO, yes TWO fingers how many times when have actually used this collection. Once, for our first big family get together with our families and the second was when we announced Cookie was on her way. I think that now they can be classified as well used. If these plates could talk I am sure that they would say, "Thank you for putting us away! We are way to sophisticated to covered in BBQ sauce."

Yes, it is true that is how we roll in our house, bust out the fine china for a nice five course BBQ dinner consisting of brisket, potato salad, coleslaw, roll, and all the fixin's you can think of. However, in all fairness to you Mr. Sophisticated China we managed to serve this five course meal on just on of your beautiful Mr. Big Plates round body and spared your friend Mr. Salad Plate.

Though you make a beautiful display on our dinner table The Hubby prefers not to use you due to the fact that he must stand at the sink and carefully hand wash every each inch of you!

Next Up...

The Dishwasher "Oh Yeah" Safe Collection

You grace our table almost every evening and you have yet to complain when we place you in the dishwasher. For that The Hubby adores you!

And Last But Not Least...

The Every Day Dollar General Collection

You are our friend and our Savior each day. We load you up with everyday goodies and you are always there when we need you. You never let us down. You are strong, available in many colors and always have your friend Mr. Plastic cup and The Utensils Family next to you in the store. You are affordable but never cheap in your offerings. You will always have a nice comfortable resting place in our cabinet.


Heidi @ GGIP said...

Your everyday "dishwasher friendly" dishes are pretty enough that you don't need to use your china that much! Although it is pretty too!

Beth said...

Wasn't this fun? I love your background btw.