Thursday, April 7, 2011


Have you heard about David, Dave, Mr. Z - well me neither until this morning. Prior to my call with David we were just two strangers passing up and down South Shore Blvd. So, how did I meet David and why was it of such importance that our paths cross?

Well, let me explain. I am currently in school and knee deep in a particular course. In this particular course my peers and I became stuck on a certain topic.

So, I did what any working Mother, at her wits end with a head cold would do...I googled the name of a field professional in hopes that at least one person would respond to a subject line that reads, "Poor Graduate Student Seeks Advice."

David's name and number appeared first, so I quickly fired off a email with my particular question. Can you guess what happened next?

He replied to my e-mail within five minutes! He even walked me through my problem step by step. The best part was, I actually understood what he was saying.

All I can say is that, if this is the type of person David is with a complete stranger, I could only imagine what type of customer service he is providing to his clients. I applaud his compassion to help out a complete stranger and most importantly I am in awe of how well he was able to explain the process to me in terms that even my pea brain could absorb.

Now if only my pretend investments were real, I would want to work with this guy and you should too. His commitment is true - He can help you make informed investment decisions based on your specific needs!

Call him today and just say that a happy grad student referred you!

DAVID ZIMANSKY Financial Advisor Address: 3027 Marina Bay Drive, One Harbor Square, SUITE 202, League City, TX 77573 Phone: 281-538-0270 866-766-0657 Fax: 281-538-0218 Email:

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