Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sneaky Sneaky

I learned a trick a couple of weeks ago that must be shared. If you have little ones that are at the age of having slumber parties this is a must read. If anything it is more of a sanity trick more than a tip.

For this post all names will remain victicous in order to protect their idenity because I know they are one of my tens of readers.

Mildred's daughter Lucy was having a slumber party. Of course the one of the goals of the party was to see how late the girls could stay up listening to the Jo Bros and watching movies.

No Problemo for Mildred...

...she moved all of the clock's forward. Yes, people this Albert Einstein out smarted the wild and moved all of the clock's forward three hours. The clock of the TV was a little tricky but she quickly learned how to move it forward as well.

4 AM really was 1 AM and all kiddos including Lucy were fast asleep. Sneaky, Sneaky. Well, actually it is pure awesomeness!

Highly advised to pass it along. Now if you have kiddos with cell phone then this trick might pose a problem, but if they are ten or less you should be good.