Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Baby Got Back

Apparently i-tunes is so 2009 and Pandora is so 2010. I am now a card carrying Pandora.com member and it feels so good (insert song in head).

The last twenty-four hours have been a sweet musical ride! From old school rap, to reliving my Robert Earl Keen days in Nacogdoches this website is now apart of me where ever I go. It has taught me the appreciation of mobile apps. Now TMZ has a friend in my apps folder next to Facebook and people.com. Social priorities, people.

Here are my stations.

Yep, one could say I that I like to keep my music diversified.

Oh and the best part about Pandora.com, it has given me a reason not to hate my treadmill as much. Let's face it Baby Got Back and Pandora.com will be with me every single mile.

Thanks Mr. website developers, a job well done!

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