Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's A Roomba

If you have floors, a hatred toward vaccumming, and still toying with the idea of hiring a maid - then you need this...

The Roomba could possibly be the best piece of technology ever made and the best impulse purchase ever made. I know, I know those with iphones, ipads and anything else with i in front of it need not to comment on how much they disagree with the prior statement. This review is based on the opinions of a Rookie Mom who is tickled pink at the thought of never having to physically vaccuum another floor the rest of her life.

Unlike the Ronco Rotiserre, you can really just set it and forget it. It even docks itself when it is about to loose power. Wow, wouldn't it be nice if our kids did the same? We could turn them on, let them run around and then they could safely return to their docking stations at night?

Okay - wishful thinking about the never having to vaccuum part and my kids docking into their power stations at night. A girl can only dream.

Disclaimer - I am not a spokesperson for Roomba and did not get paid for this post, nor do I have one to giveaway. But if the marketing genius of Roomba want to donate (hint, hint) give me one to donate - holla.

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