Monday, August 9, 2010

Hello My Name is Kari and I Am Still A Blogger

Well shame on me! I have left my tens of readers hanging with nothing to read and only a picture of my kiddo in front of a Bud Light sign to sit and ponder, were the Cook's really at the circus?

Well truth be told, the circus is long gone, but I still have a couple of Monkeys running around. See look my version of caged animals.

Cookie and Moo decided to have a crying contest right outside our office. I am pretty sure that Cookie won, but then Moo gave her a run for her money when she tried to pull the bow from Cookie's head. Cookie got extra points for smashing her face against the mirror - very dramatic effect. I am glad to report that there was no blood was shed and no -I am not raising little UFC fighthers. It's all Love not War in the Cook household.

Bottom line - we have been a little busy with the people we love and I did something a little out of the norm...I found and used the OFF button on my blackberry and my computer. That meant that the blog had to take an impromtu vacation as well.

Over the course of the last couple of weekends and a few days off at work, I have managed to defeat my grey hairs, host two sets of grandparents, celebrate many August birthdays, watched my kiddos play with their cousins, and laugh so hard my stomach hurts.

Cookie gives the weekend two thumbs up...

And I am proud to announce that Moo is no longer the poster child for The Twilight movies. Her two front teeth have officially arrived...

... And last but not least Cookie still loves to swing.

Yeah, it was pretty great and just like the bumpper sticker say's Life is good and Mean people really do suck. As for the mean people part, just throwing it out there to the mean person who hit my car in the grocery store parking lot and left. Respect the Van people it's 4DKIDZ!

Now we are back to bloggin'. All systems are up and running and I am back in the saddle of being Rookie Working Mom enjoying the last bit of summer.

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