Friday, July 16, 2010

It's the Circus - Not a Bar

Now that the dust as settled a little with the move the Hubby and I decided that the time was right to get together with great friends and take Cookie to her first circus. The Cooks and Jones had a great time getting together to ooh and ahh at the lions, tigers and bears oh my.

It was interesting to see how the circus had changed since the last time I attended. There is no longer the flying trapeze, they no longer sell t-shirts that say There is a Sucker born every minute and they reference things such as texting and DVD's.

Oh how the circus can make one feel so dated so quickly - okay truth be told - maybe I am feeling a little dated because of the all of the grey hairs I noticed getting ready for the circus. Excuse me while I enjoy my pity party, but since it is Friday I will save you from the whining while I get back on topic. Mama needs her hair did is clearly another post another day.

Cookie enjoyed every zing, zang, zoom minute of the show and of course it was only fitting that we go to the circus to score a picture in front of a Bud Light sign.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy weekend!

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