Friday, July 9, 2010

Code 3 on U Scan

As the work day came to a close the Hubby and I decided it would be hot dogs and chips for dinner. A dinner fit for a King - actually a dinner fit for a Mom that was to tired to whip up a meal with actual substance. I figured since I lost out on Mom of the year on January 2, why not plop down mystery meat for my growing kiddos.

We needed to grab a bag of cheetos for the kiddos, so we thought we would make an uneventful trip to Krogers. While we were there we thought it would be a great time to go ahead and stock up the wine fridge, since it was now dusted off and fired up.

As I grabbed my super sized container of Coffee, the Hubby hit the chip aisle next to the wines. We loaded up the basket with six bottles, just so mama could get her 10% off. It's all about the savings people.

We headed down to U Scan because the lines were beginning to pile up with the rest of the 5'oclock (let's run to the store to pick up dinner)crowd.

We placed our items onto the counter, swiped our savings card and everything was right in the world, that is until....

...Everything came crashing down! Yep, all six bottles slowly fell to the ground for all the patrons with their ten items or less to see. Pure humiliating awesomeness.

In my head it was like a scene from a movie, when something is falling and you see the person going after it in slow motion yelling, "NOOOOOOOOO." In reality though - I frooze, the Hubby frooze and the attendent just shook her head. And just like that we became a code 3.

Apparently a Code 3 is a grocery code for, "Some idiots just made a major mess in my lane, and I need a mop stat!"

So, I did what any wife would do - I left my husband standing there alone in a sea of wine and (with my head down) I shamelessly went back to the wine section to restock my cart. As I headed back to the scene of the crime - the Code 3 rang loud throughout the PA system.

We offerred to pay for the broken bottles but Kroger graciously reassured us that we were not the first to have this happen. Needless to say we quickly left Krogers, so quickly we walked right pass our car.

Morale of the story, there is no sense in crying on spilt wine!

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Jenn and Darby said...

I feel your pain. Last summer while staying at a resort in Cancun, Darby's shoulder brushed a bottle of wine that was on a full wine wrack. One after another, they all came tumbling down. We froze and then I just started shaking my head at Darby. I was ready to pay the cost of our trip again for our broken mess but they just asked if we were ok and sent us on our way. I still can't believe they let us walk away from it all.