Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Goodbye October - Hello November

Seemed like yesterday we were melting in the TX summer heat and now November is approaching. Time - slow down! Wonder where we have been lately? Well we have been wondering the same thing.

October literally came and went and in the mist of all the chaos I even managed to turn another year older. I have to admit, this XX (age to be undisclosed) is beginning to look pretty good. I would like to think it is because of my impromptu order of Cindy Crawford's Meaningful Beauty. I am only on day 20 and let's just say I am not getting any offers to walk a catwalk (just yet), but I do like the moisturizer.

I have also been traveling for work. I was home for the week but will return to the airport security lines on Sunday. The girls have really enjoyed their Daddy time and needless to say, Daddy has really been recharging his Daddy batteries. Kudos to the Hubby if you see him. Better yet buy him a drink he may actually need one or ten by the end of the month.

With Halloween approaching we are gearing up for the girls Fall festival. Cookie and Moo enjoyed their trip to the pumpkin patch and hit the pumpkin mother load. I love the following picture.

Even though I couldn't hear exactly what they were saying I can almost predict that it went a little something like this...

Cookie: Daddy just one more
Daddy: No Cookie, we have enough
Cookie: But Daddddyyyyy, we need just one more.
Moo: Listen you crazy loon, we have enough!

Ahhhh, you can just see the love.

I am actually going to try roasting (attempt not to burn again) pumpkin seeds again. Wish me and the League City fire department luck.

Today is the Fall Festival at the kiddos school, so we needed to do a trial run on the costumes. Cookie desperately wanted to be a bunny but since this procrastinating woman she calls Mom couldn't find one (in her size or didn't look like she was going to the Playboy Halloween party) she settled on being a Puppy. Which turned out to be okay because she learned she could wag her tail...

And because she could bark at her sissy that is a dinosaur. Why a dinosaur you may ask? It is because that is what Cookie wanted her to be.

Together they make a great tail wagging, dinosaur roaring duo.

Happy Halloween!

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Memaw said...

They are the best looking Puppy-dinosaur dua that I have ever seen. I sure do miss them!