Thursday, May 7, 2009

False Alarm

Yesterday, the hubby and I took Cookie for her wellness check up. She passed with flying colors and she is right on target for her age group. Her weight is 28 lbs and her height is 33 inches.

Though her appointment went off without a hitch, we couldn't begin the visit without a little excitement.

With all the hype centered around the piggy flu, the hubby and I decided that I would wait in the car with Cookie until they called her back into the exam room. As Cookie and I waited in the car I brought her into the front seat with me to play a game of opening and closing the windows as well as a game of how many times she could lock the door in a minute. Pretty entertaining!

Unfortunately, during the last round of window opening, the spring scent of Cookie Not-So-Delight #2 began to fill the air. Just as the scent hits me, I realize that the diaper bag is in my car! Uggghhhh. Of course Cookie's timing is impeccable. She poops at the precise moment that the Hubby is walking out to the car to take us into the exam room.

Not ones to buckle under pressure, I immediately put on my racing gloves and headed back to the house to get the diaper bag. The Hubby on the other hand, braved the stinky walk to the exam room without a diaper bag and a poopy child.

When I returned to the office with the diaper bag I walked into the exam room to find
Cookie and the Hubby.

While we waited for the Dr., the Hubby informed me, that it was a FALSE ALARM and that amongst the excitement of the nurses coming to his aid with a diaper and wipes he had just realized that he had put her diaper on backwards! The false alarm was just a plain ol' toot gone bad...very bad!

I guess we are going to have to teach Cookie about the no toot zones after this escapade!

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