Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cheers To Many More

Eight years ago today the Hubby and I finalized our biggest contract to date. We both said, "I do." Over the years we have lived, laughed, loved and argued so loud we made the walls shake.

So, in honor of this day I would like to list the Eight Reason why we work. In no particular order of course.

1. You love to mop the floor [sometimes a little to much]
2. You don't mind doing laundry
3. You respect my Mommy Time Outs
4. You know every button to push on me and know exactly when to push them [hence, the reason for number 3]
5. You know exactly when I need that little extra encouragement
6. You have blessed me with Two beautiful girls
7. You respect the No Toot Zones
8. Last but not least...

...You love me for me. Every little flaw and annoyance you continue to choose to go on this crazy adventure they call marriage and parenthood with Me.

I love you! Happy eight wedding anniversary. I am Thankful for you.

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