Tuesday, March 2, 2010

You Can Do It

After six months of being at home, I am back in the saddle of being a working traveling Mom. Even though I am depositing my heart on the bed side table each night, I am back doing what I love, being a working Rookie Mom with two kids!

I have to admit that it was hard leaving, but let's face it when is it ever easy? I know that the hubby has it covered, because he spares me the worst and sends me the best...

Hubby even though you are now wiping two extra butts, Cookie came down with a ear infection and you had to pick her up from school and Moo seems to be screaming her head off because she is teething, you should be proud of your self! You survived day one. One night down and three more to go. What could possibly go wrong Mr. Mom?

Isn't it time they make a remake of that movie anyway?

Mu ah!

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