Sunday, May 9, 2010

Blame It On the Alcohol

We live in the burbs where we are close to a local grocery store, a nail salon and of course the neighborhood liquor store. On Friday we stopped by our local liquor store to pick up a few of Daddy treats.

Apparently, Bud Light is so 2008 and the Hubby has turned into somewhat of a sophisticated Beer drinker. I guess a keg of beer and a dixie cup are a thing of the past. But hey, after a week alone with the kiddos I couldn't blame him.

As, I waited in the back of the liquor store in the Hubby's VIP parking spot (next to the dumpster) I noticed that someone may have just been testing out their own merchandise when they labeled the back door...

I guess I should also mention that this is the same liquor store that shoe polished their store windows with the the tag line of...


When they first open their doors.

Classy! In the words of Jamie Foxx, I guess they can really just blame their marketing/labeling decisions on the Alcohol.

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