Saturday, June 25, 2011

Florida or Bust

This week has been a whirlwind. From Houston to Fresno, one economics test, one house to clean and a trip to prepare for this girl has been busy.

And After all the running around, I think I only burned one of the many margaritas I am about to have while on vacation. But that is okay, though my intentions were good, to loose 10 pounds prior to the trip, I can always rely on my Mom Suit.

Okay so enough about my week and my intentions to fit into a bikini that appeared to be my size in the store. Let's get to the fun stuff that will have you saying, "oh no they didn't" at the end of this post.

Prior to leaving for Fresno I tasked myself with two things, cleaning and packing the girls. Everything was organized and ready for the hubs to pack in the car. The Hubs task was to get the hitch installed on my minivan. Yes, I am not only a mini-van driving mama, I am now an official member of the mini-van haulers club.

In addition to the hitch, the hubs felt he wouldn't be cool unless we had one of these...

Now here is the best part. The hubby had the bright idea that we could save a little space by making this our suitcase and strap it to the back of the van.

Yep, you guessed it....I was not only stressed about how the kiddos were going to do in the car but I now wondered if ALL of our clothes were going to be roadkill somewhere along I-10.

Good news is that we made it and it appears that Tupperware is the new "it" luggage when traveling with two kids under four and a husband with a bright idea.

Now back to this...

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Memaw said...

Have fun! We wish we were there with you and the girls!

Love you,
Lynne and Jim