Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Praying to the Porcelain God

With Cookie #2 I have been doing my praying to the porcelain god! In other words, I have been spending a better part of this pregnancy in the bathroom [head down in the toilet] with good ol' 24/7 ALL DAY morning sickness.

Originally, my doctor prescribed me Phenergan. He warned me that it might make me a little sleepy but should do the trick. Let's just say, the word little was the understatement of the year. After a week of taking it, I found myself to be a sleepy (could barely life my head), Rookie Mom with ongoing morning sickness.

Not a good combination!

The Dr. had mentioned that there was an alternative medication called Zofran. Zofran was originally designed to control nausea in chemotherapy patients and that it is very expensive and many insurers won't cover it.

In a moment of desperation I called the Dr. and stated, "I do not care if the Zofran is $1,000 per pill, I need it! Pleeeeeaaaaassseeee!" He wrote my prescription and we were off to the pharmacy.

I was mentally prepared for my total to be the cost of a small country, but much to my surprise...

...the generic version was $17.99 for 30! Now that is the deal of the day.

For all Mother's to be, if you are experiencing morning sickness I encourage you to go for the good stuff! Ask for Zofran! It is a lifesaver.


Anonymous said...

Just got a script for Ashley so she won't throw up on the plane tomorrow. She has strep throat and is throwing up...praying the zofran will do the trick. I so agree that it is a lifesaver!
Hope you feel better soon!

Darby Merriman said...

This is very good to know! I paid the gazillion dollars for minimum pills when I was pregnant with Vaughn, but Zofran was such a good friend! I will have to remember this tip next time I am pregnant!