Friday, September 11, 2009

Adventures in Labor Pains

Friday 8/28 was a typical day in the Cook household. We shuffled Cookie off to school, kissed one another good bye and then it was off to work for the hubby and I. The only major difference was that we didn't know if dos Cookie was going to arrive that evening.

Through out the day I kept my self busy with work and a little house cleaning. Yes, this included busting out the vacuum and scrubbing a few toilets. I had noticed a few cramps through out the day but was more concerned with getting my house cleaned, doing a little shopping and finish up a few work assignments.

Finally...the time had arrived to make the short drive to the Dr. office. As soon as we approached the front door my cell phone rang and it was Cookie's school. Yep, Cookie was running a fever and we need to come and get her. We made the decision that the Hubby would get her and take her to the Dr., while I called my own father to come and rescue me from my Dr. appointment. The last thing the hubby said was, "Please do not have this baby today!" Little did we know what we were about to both be in for.

While the Hubby was off to get Cookie, my father was on his way to get me and I was at my exam we were all amazed to learn that I had dilated to a five. Yep, a FIVE! My Dr. was amazed that I was so far along and of course I was requesting that I be able to go home, get Cookie settled and then head back to the hospital. The Dr. looked a little perplexed at my requests but agreed. My Father on the other hand was a little more concerned about my water breaking in his car on the way home.

We arrived home, got Cookie settled and of course order Chinese take out before heading to the hospital and take one last photo as a family of three.

At 7 pm we were heading back to the hospital to await the arrival of dos Cookie. We were excited and a little nervous, but ready!

Since, I had pre-registered we headed straight to labor and delivery. The first thing the nurse did was hand me a nice couture delivery night gown before we began the game of twenty (thousand) questions. The Hubby really got into the game and his favorite part was when they asked, "do you have any dietary needs?" The Hubby explained, "Why, yes we only eat Fillet Mignon in the AM." I could only laugh and think that were were more in the ranks of McFilet Mignon or Chick-Fil-Mignon.

The moment had arrived for my epidural! I was a little nervous this time around because I really didn't remember it the first go around, but was up for the challenge. Truth be told it really wasn't that bad. I would recommend one, but if you are up for the natural birth challenge then more power to you Sista!

At 11:30 the Dr. joined us and said that everything was good and it appeared that Dos Cookie would be arriving around soon. The cranked up the potosin and the contractions were full speed ahead. During the exam the Dr. said that I was such a good patient that he was going to full fill our request for a steak breakfast. At this point, a steak was the last thing on my mind and I was wishing that the Hubby would turn the football highlightS off!

12 am and it was time to push and at 12:30 she had arrived. Two years and two beautiful babies. Our first night together was exhausting and so rewarding.

By 10 am the next morning, we were all together as a family of four and wouldn't you know steak had arrived and starbucks too.

What an experience! It is amazing, exhausting and the best 10 months that a woman can ever experience in their lifetime because it all comes down the moment when you can hold your children and really see what a blessing they are.

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