Monday, January 11, 2010

There Is A Sucker Born Every Minute

Beauty does not have to cost you an arm and a leg! This may not be news to many but to this Rookie Mom I fall for all the hype. Smaller butt in 10 days, look ten years younger overnight, and my favorite one of all super white teeth in three minutes. It is as if the infomercials and the As Seen on TV displays at the drug stores are shouting, "Kari, call now in the next ten minutes and we will double your order or hey, you come over here you know you want to buy me."

But just like a Jenny Craig commercial that was me before and this is me now. 2010 has arrived and I now have a new prospective on my beauty needs. Less is more! It is time to start believeing in good old fashion (super cheap) home remedies.

I am now proud to say that I am using, Vaseline for my moisturizer and Preparation H to erase those unpleasant (sleepless nights) bags under my eyes. I figured that if the vaseline it is good enough for my kiddos bum then damn it why not slap it on my face. [Side note: I do not have hemorids, this one I have heard over the years. Just want to throw that one out there.]

I have officially been using the Vaseline for about a month now and I can say, Wow it works. It has really help with replenishing my dry skin. Give it a try. Just a $1.59 and you too can start erasing away the wrinkles. But beware it does do a number on your pillow cases.

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