Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What If

What if you were told that you only had two months to live. Would you spend the time correcting wrongs, do the most outrageous things that you never thought you would do, or simply hold onto your kids so tight they could barely breath?

That question is that simple: What would you do, if you only had two months to live?

Our friend and sorority sister Erin is facing this question. This is Erin's story.

As many of you know, Erin had not been feeling good since the birth of her little girl on Dec 1st, 2007. She had been in the hospital for over a week in January 2008, had a colonoscopy, 3 CAT scans, and an MRI. The doctors still could not tell what was on, only that they found ulcers on her colon and thought her colon was inflamed and causing a blockage.

After the CAT scan on Jan 24th, 2008, the doctor thought the scan showed minor improvement. They told her that her body just needed time to heal itself. However, the pain got so bad, that in less than a week, Erin was back in the hospital. This time she was told she needed to have surgery.

Unfortunately, the surgery showed what the doctors had ruled out. They informed her that she had advanced Stage IV colon cancer. The tumor was removed from her colon, but the cancer traveled into her abdominal wall.

Since that time, Erin has undergone continuous chemotherapy, radiation and a clinical trial. It has been an uphill battle, with Erin fighting, with the strength of an army, the whole way.

As of last week, January 2010, MD Anderson has told her there is nothing else they can do for her, and probably has about 2 months of quality life left. She is currently in the hospital, in the palliative care wing, of MDA.

Even though Erin has suffered more than any human should have to endure, she is not ready for her time on Earth to be over. She desperately wants to raise her beautiful children, who are now 4 (a boy, Leighton) and 2 (a girl, Finley).

She has another treatment option in the Brazynski Clinic, but needs to be much, much stronger before they will even think about taking her as a patient.

The support and prayers for Erin over the last two years, have been truly amazing. She needs them now more than ever! Miracles happen. Erin needs a miracle!

This group is to give Erin as much support, hope, love, and prayers, as possible. We will also be updating Erin's progress. Please feel free to post messages, share stories of other cancer survivors, or anything else you think could be useful to her fight against this disease.

Though I cannot erase Erin's pain, I can spread the message of prayer. Please share this post, or link to her prayer site on Facebook. I aks that you forget about sweating the small things in life today and join us in praying for Erin and her family. God, it is my prayer that you hear our call for a miracle and keep Erin tight in your arms as she continues her fight to kick cancer in the butt.

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Mom said...

I will send out a request to everyone I know for her and her family.