Monday, June 14, 2010

Mixed Emotions

The Ch Ch CHANGES, have been running wild around the Cook household. From the new house, to Moo sleeping through the night. We seem to be on the never ending change roller coaster. Not that it is a bad thing, but [yes, there is always a but]when it comes to the girls they seem to be those stop you in your tracks types of changes.

Today marked the first day in the three year old room for Cookie. Yes, I said it correctly...three. Today she also entered into her new classroom with a bag full of panties. She is officially committing herself to the, "Mom shouldn't have to wipe my bum any longer" club. Okay, though I am the President of this said club, I am proud to announce that she is now a card carrying member.

As for Moo, I think I might just have to take her to Break Check and see if they can install some additional breaks. She is growing up way to quickly. First it bottles now it is one step from walking, sippy cups and table foods! Before I know it she will be in the one year old room and we will officially be out of the nursery business.

When did my babies start growing up so quickly? Did it happen last year while I was in KS or maybe this past month while in LA? The bottom line it seemed to happen overnight!

As a working Rookie Mom, [and just like any other working mom] I am tasked with work-life balance. Every working mom can relate when I say, the question of should I constantly linger. The Should I stay home, should I look for less travel, should I _______?

Whatever the blank maybe I might never know, but I do know one thing at the end of the day, I am blessed. I am blessed with two beautiful kids, a wonderful husband, a great career and most of all a solid friend and family support system.

The system I need to help me realize that with all these ch ch changes I can continue to juggle this thing they call work-life balance one diaper at a time.

Besides, if my unscripted life was so easy I wouldn't have things to blog about! So until I win the lottery or find the perfect answer to my should I question [no particular order of course], I will continue to post about this crazy thing they call work-life balance.

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