Thursday, February 28, 2008

Memory Lane

Each time I bring Cookie to visit with her Great Grandparents it is like entering a time warp. There is not a wall or photo album that doesn't contain at least one piece of my past. It is a house filled with 29 years (and counting) worth of memories that I can one day share with Cookie.

During each visit Grandma and I always get so much pleasure looking back at old photos. This week I spent some time on one particular photo that has been sitting on the same bookshelf for over 10 years now. Each visit I always glance at it and remember the event as if it were yesterday. When we took this photo we had now idea what the future held, much less if there was even going to be a so called "us" the morning after.

Now 10 years have come and gone since this photo was taken and The Hubby and I get a good laugh each time we talk about it and remember how...

Those were the days, when I thought that I could really pluck my own eyebrows, 20 minutes in the tanning bed would actually make me a sun goddess and that Rave hairspray (#4 of course) kept every little hair just in the right place. As for The Mr. Future Hubby he was just as cute as he can be even back then. Maybe his hair was a little thicker than normal and he believed that Whataburger (three meals a day) was actually good for the body.

Curiosity getting the best of you in what we looked need here it is, 10 years and counting.

If you look closely at the photo there is a poster board that says...Don't forget to kiss your frog that midnight and he will become your prince. Well, I kissed mine and guess what he dumped me! Oh well, a couple of years later and a great single time in college our lilly pads crossed again and I kissed that said frog once again. This time he turned into a Prince and we have been kissing ever since! It is amazing how things turn out.

Once again I would like to Thank my In-Laws for that extra year and a half they supported The Hubby in college, if they hadn't I would have never met my prince and we would have never had this little Cookie...

Happy Thursday!

***UPDATE***In addition to Thanking My In-Laws for their patience during The Hubby's extended stay at school, I also need to give a big SHOUT OUT of Thanks to the Ultimate Matchmaker...Mrs. Suzanne Rogers. If it wasn't for you The Hubby would have never been able to track down my phone number at the sorority house. Much Love to ya!!

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Anonymous said...

We are all soooo glad that you kissed the frog that turned into a Prince!! We love our Aunt Kari - Anna, Ashley, and John Ryan