Friday, February 15, 2008

With Love "Dad"

What a wonderful Valentines Day we had. This year was again filled with laughter and amusement throughout the Cook household.

The afternoon began with a trip to pick up Cookie from school. She and her little classmates were oh so festive in their little Valentines onesies and filled with cheer. As we drove home we reviewed her my day and once again she received a Happy report. Oh, so proud! I then went through her little Valentines from her little classmates to find this precious card...

With the tears begining to form at the sight of her precious little feet, the Hubby reminded me of our family slogan for 2008...The Cooks are Greeeeat and in 08, and in 09 we multiply! We shared a laugh and then rocked out to a little Guns and Roses, Sweet Child of Mine as we cruzed in the minivan.

When we arrived home we walked into our kitchen to the sight of how wonderful it is that this year our cards have doubled with the addition of Cookie.

After a romantic dinner of Chinese Food delivery we sat and watched Cookie jump away in her jump a roo and talked about how thankful we are to have our little family, so healthy and happy.

After dinner we took turns opening the sweet Valentines day cards we picked out for one another. The hubby read Cookie's card from me and then it was my turn to read the sweet card her Daddy picked out for her. Here is what it said...

As I opened the card, I continued to read the sweet message inside to find the following...

I Love You, K.C. "Dad"

[Just in case Cookie wasn't sure who her Daddy was!?!?!]

Oh that Hubby, you are now officially a Rookie Dad!

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