Friday, February 8, 2008

Oh So Organized...The Cookie Kit

In an effort to become a little more organized this year (and to mark at least one new years resolution off the list), I created a Cookie Kit. What is a Cookie Kit you might ask?

For me it is a way to save myself from forgetting the most important things for Cookie when we are out and about. Like the Diapers!

Also, it is a way to save my Mother Law from having to promise other parents that she will buy them any thing in the mall in exchange for a diaper. Yes, this is a true story, but we will save that story for another blogging day. Love ya GG!

The Cookie Kit is going to be my saving grace on those days when I have I have left my Memory Marbles at home and the diapers (among other things) sitting next to them. Every mommy mobile should have one. It was also, a great way to finally get my shinny new (yet, to be used) running shoes out of the box!

Happy Friday Everyone!

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