Monday, April 28, 2008

Daddy Boot Camp

Recently, I took a new job that required me to go out on the road for a few weeks...did I mention in a Row! That meant that the Hubby would officially be signing up for Daddy Boot camp. I was nervous to say the least. Not because I doubted the Hubby's capability to take care of Cookie, but because this meant I would be away from the family for the first time since Cookies arrival.

Needless to say, it would of course consist of me traveling 1,000+ miles away for multiple days and only returning for the weekend. Being a working mom that travels is never easy, the guilt is unbearable, and you never know what may happen while you are away. But, I knew that this time would come, I guess I just didn't want to face the reality of it.

The first night away it was like someone ripping my heart out and putting it neatly on the bed side table. However, the Hubby constantly assured me that all would be okay and kept me up to date on her progress hourly. A big old TX size hug to Verizon for providing the technology of picture phones!

When I boarded my return flight that first Friday, no matter what I did I couldn't get the captain to speed up the plane. The minutes seemed to linger in flight and baggage claim seemed to take F-O-R-E-V-E-R.

When I pulled into the driveway that night, I was greeted with one big smiling Hubby a huge hug and a big old kiss. As we recapped the week, the Hubby seemed a little different...calm, collected and so excited to tell me about the events of the week. He began by saying...Just Call Me Mr. Mom! My heart melted. He had survived!

I just have to share a few of his proud moments that occurred while I was away...

The first week I made sure to lay out every outfit, so all the Hubby would have to do is pick one up and put it on her...

However, by Friday of that week he didn't care for the last outfit, so he choose different one. This meant he had to button her little shirt up...all Five buttons in the back...Five very small unforgiving buttons.

The second week while I was away "Pink" eye was going around the school and Cookie was forming some gunk in her eyes, so the school called. Of course they called me first and my heart melted. What was I to do, I was of course all the way in DC? With much assurance, The Hubby said, "Honey stop your worrying I have it covered." He called the Dr. got her an apt. and stayed home with her the next day.

He was now embarking on New Found Territory...24 FULL Hours Alone with a baby. Leave it to the Hubby he had it covered. How did he past the time away you might ask? He busted out the guitar...

And he even baked cookies...they were oh so yummy!

That Saturday, I watched the Hubby do this...

The Hubby surprises, me yet again by having our Katch A Kid installed. After all that he had done, he even made enough time in his schedule to make sure that Cookie would be safe as we approached a new swim season.

After being on the road for three weeks, I am blessed to say that the Hubby is now an official Mr. Mom and it is great to always come home to this...

He approached every obstacle head on. He is one of a kind and if any of your Hubby's need a little advice please feel free to have them contact my Mr. Mom at 555-SUPER-DAD!

Much Love to you Hubby XOXOXO

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Suz said...

I knew KC would be a great Dad one day! It all dates back to the days when he cared for the moped, and the big 10. :)