Monday, April 28, 2008

A Little Southwest In Flight Entertainment

Southwest may be known for it’s no assigned seating, but a couple of weeks ago I would have to say they provided me with some great in flight entertainment…

On Monday my colleagues and I all departed our homes enroute to New Mexico. For me the day began with kissing the hubby and seeing my precious Cookie off to school. Of course it also included another visit to the school before I took off. While sitting and waiting for my number to be called, I saw this comical man walk across the airport in a full on WHITE linen suite with WHITE Vans and one sunned face…and all I could think was…Wow Don Johnson in Miami Vice really does exist outside of his 1984 timeslot.

In my heart of hearts I was certain that Sonny Crockett lived on!

As we all loaded the plan in a civil, no seat assignment way of course, we all prepared ourselves for a nice two hour flight. Hey what could go wrong? I did in fact have a Priest sitting in front of me. Just as the ½ ounce peanuts hit the tray Mr. Don Johnson walked to the front of the plan to use the 4 star bathrooms. Then all of the sudden the woman sitting behind me began to yell…

Mr. Kilmer, Mr. Kilmer, Mr. Kilmer can I have your autograph?

Yep, that is right…low and behold Mr. Iceman was on my flight! Much to my surprise I was still thinking he was Mr. Don Johnson Miami Vice, speed boat driving wantabe!

Let’s just say he doesn’t look like this anymore….

And a little more like this…

I guess I should add my disclaimer here so just incase Mr. Iceman’s people want to make a big deal of this precious little blog entry, for the record these are the opinions of a Rookie Mom that once in a while get’s a little unexpected in-flight entertainment!

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