Sunday, April 6, 2008

She's One Tall Keeper

The Hubby loves to fish and everyone in the family knows it. His theme song could be "I Gonna Miss Her," by Brad Paisley. You know the song about fishing...

Recently my sister and her family came across this onesie that they just couldn't pass up while on vacation in Florida. Don't you think it pairs oh so nicely with her little leopard bow!

For a little catch up since we last spoke...Cookie had a great six month check-up never mind the fact that she turned seven months that Friday. Oops almost missed that one. Our little Cookie done went off and grew about 3 inches...she topped out of her height at 99%. Her weight and head were in the 80% range. So we can officially say she is at the top of her little class!

Cookie took her shots like a champ! She didn't get frustrated until the Dr. took the tongue compressor she was holding away from her. Glad to know that a 20 cent tongue compressor will easily entertain Cookie, so much that she didn't feel the TWO INCH needles go into her thigh. That should save us a few bucks in the long run. Never mind the Fisher Price we will stick with Dollar General Plastic Spoons and see what we can get at the Dr. Office.

Well, bloggers I am off to another week of training in D.C. Maybe, I will have some news to post on Tales from the Road soon. The Hubby and Cookie have been enjoying their time together and getting by just nicely.

If you didn't know it The Hubby is one of a kind and the best Super Dad out there. He even does laundry! I am the luckiest Wife and Mother out there. I feel that after this month of traveling is done, Oprah should really do a special on him. I can see the title now, "A Day in the Life of A Dad and A Cookie." What do you think?

Have a great week!

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