Tuesday, June 10, 2008

To Bow or Not To Bow

There has been the ongoing debate in the Cook household pertaining to bow or not to bow...I feel all little girls should accessorize (regardless if they are less than one) however, the hubby has a different opinion...yep you guessed it the complete opposite.

This morning in my Rookie Mom mind I hit a milestone in the fact that I could bundle Cookie's fine little hair into a nice little up do. I was so excited that it overcame the fact that I was completely decaffeinated and had yet to hit up Starbucks for my morning IV of Grande House blend with room for cream and three Splenda's. [As you can see I am not particular about my Starbucks]

As KC got back from running Charlie he didn't say a word...the opinion train was silent! Absolutely, no opinion on the bow. Which of course made me think what is his secret motive, but I just rolled with it and off to school we went.

When I got to school they informed me that Cookie needed formula. When I arrived home I asked the hubby to drop some at school on his way out for the day. No problem-o he said with a sound of excitement.

After dropping off the formula, the Hubby gave me a quick call to let me know that he had dropped off the formula and was able to shower Cookie with some additional kisses...then his motive was revealed....

At the first opportunity he REMOVED the bow!?!

Oh well, it was nice while it lasted and at least I was able to capture this milestone moment with the following snap shots....

The lord only knows what these Rookie Parents will be like when she is sixteen and throwing a fit over the four hours she just spent in the bathroom on her hair, and doesn't have the perfect accessories for that oh so wonderful outfit she just had to have. Not to say that this Rookie Mom was guilty of any of the above things when I was sixteen of course.

I guess tomorrow I will just have to put a BIGGER BOW in her precious little hair.

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Anonymous said...

I think it's time for Aunt Michelle to go Bow shopping! Love that last picture.