Friday, February 13, 2009

A Hubby, One Cookie and An Airplane

Now picture this...

...a wife and hubby plan an unexpected weekend away. The tickets are booked, the room is reserved and the packing list is prepared. The hubby packs the bags and prepares for the trip to the airport.

The departure day is here and the hubby arrives at the airport to unload the bags, car seat and Cookie into the park in ride van in route for curbside check in. The bags are checked and the security line is conquered.

Line A begins to board and the hubby finds a nice row in the back, very back of the plane. The flight departs and Cookie...POOPS!

The hubby decides he will tackle the poop escapade head on and asks the stewardess which lavatory has the changing table. She explains, "Sir, it is located in the front of the plane." The hubby (slowly) walks to the front of the plane for all to smell the [not so] sweet scents emerging from Cookie.

Five minutes later the Hubby becomes a proud member of the mile high diaper changing club. One hour and thirty minutes later the plane lands. Mission accomplish!

The Hubby and Cookie safely arrive to meet this Rookie Mom who has been in NM all week for business!

Lesson learned: Never under estimate what your hubby's are capable of. Just give them the task of flying solo with your little ones and they will find Daddy strengths they never knew they had.

Have a safe and happy weekend!

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