Friday, February 6, 2009

One Mess Equals Very Clean Floors

It's official we have our first Cookie mess. The how many wipes are in a container type of mess.

The hubby and I chuckled as we watched Cookie carefully pull the last remaining wipes and carefully place them on her chair, on the table, under the cabinet, in her play pin and only the lord knows where else.

As I continued to watch in amazement and snap away, the hubby's think tank was just spinning.

He backed away and said, "Honey, I got it! I will use the wipes to clean the hardwood floors today."

So he did! Every square inch, just like this...

As Daddy cleaned, Cookie decided to hang with her friend!

So, this weekend if you find your little pulling out their wet wipes, do not panic because we have found that baby wipes are not only great bum wipers but also excellent, floor, table and window cleaners!

Have a safe and happy weekend everyone.

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