Thursday, February 19, 2009

It is Not The Size of a Man's Bouquet That Counts

I have never been one for Valentine's day. Don't get me wrong I think that it is magnificent that there is a day devoted to hearts, love and candy. On the other hand I would hate to think that it was the ONLY day in the year that the hubby and I did something nice for one another to show our love.

I prefer the little things like an unexpected mornings when I have slept in, a sweet unexpected card in my travel bag or leaving the hubby nice little notes on his bathroom mirror written in lipstick.

However, this Valentine day was a little different than most. This year we treated ourselves to a nice little getaway. The hubby skied and I enjoyed some much needed R&R. On Monday we were both blessed with a work holiday and spent the day together while Cookie was at school.

Around noon the hubby surprised me with a nice bouquet of flowers. Not just any bouquet a nice, simple, $5.00 bouquet.

If the hubby has learned anything about this Rookie Mom is that I love a good surprise of recession proof flowers. This gesture really fills my heart with joy because I know that he has searched, and hunted for the best deal to surprise little ol' (penny pinching) me.

Besides, who couldn't love a man with a heart and a face like this...

...because together we are blessed with this precious flower!

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