Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ch Ch Ch Changes

They are in full force around the Cook household lately and Cookie is conquering each new event one at a time. Since last week we have been transitioning Cookie to her big girl bed full time, she is working on potty training, she is also transitioning to the Toddler II classroom and last but not least her little sister aka Cookie #2 is head down and ready to make an appearance on 9/10.

Here is just a quick recap of the last twenty-four hours...

At the beginning of the summer the Hubby and I discussed how we were going to tackle the bed transition, but in our wildest dreams we never thought that it would be comparable to late night feedings. Needless to say, Cookie has been thoroughly enjoying her new found freedom of getting out of bed and shouting her anthem, "Mommy I not tired, Mommy I not tired!"

As hard as it is, I am (we are partially) sticking to our guns and making her stick it out during the night. In other words we are back to playing the "I am the Mommy," game! So far the score is tied 2 to 2. Unfortunately, the teams were a little unfairly matched for a couple of nights, considering Cookie defeated me with the help of her Daddy. He just couldn't resist the snuggle time. Oh, well I think he is slowly but surely coming over to the Mommy side. I might have to leverage some additional garage time, but I will do what I need to do to be victorious.

On the potty training front, well this event just kind of happened. We have been practicing at home but definitely not consistent about it. More or less, just going through the introduction stages of introducing her to her new throne. However, yesterday we had a major turn of events.

Yesterday, was her first day in the two year old room for a couple of hours. During this two hours Cookie found her inspiration to tackle the potty. Inspiration in the form of other two year olds and a potty that was just her height and size! After nap time the teacher asked her if she wanted to try and it out and she did.

Later on in the evening, I glanced over to find Cookie bare back riding her little horse literally. A white tiny hiney and NO Diaper! I asked Cookie where her diaper was and she replied pointing to the restroom, "In there". When I went to retrieve it, I found that she had taken it off to go potty. I EXPLODED with excitement for Cookie and we did the potty dance for a good half hour. She was even more excited to show her Daddy.

Now there are no guarantees on what tomorrow will bring, but what a journey this is and look forward to many more big girl bed and potty training moments! Remember advice is always welcomed.

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Memaw said...

Could it be time for training pants every now and then...