Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Daddy Fashion

If I have learned one thing about my husband it is that he could give a big fat damn about fashion and the latest trends. Give the man a pair of kahki's (preferably a little worn with a few holes), an Academy t-shirt and of course his (dare I say)...

CROCS WITH SOCKS...He is rockin' the KC.

I am positive that if I continue to play my nagging (seriously, oh no you didn't just put that on) tune he will soon be sporting this look...

In an effort to avoid this situation at all cost, I guess I should just keep my TX sized mouth shut and just be proud to be the woman who can hug a man that proudly sports his crocs with socks.

Disclaimer: If you are a man that sports crocs with socks, then go on with your bad self this blog post is merely the opinion of a Rookie Mom of her Rookie Hubby.

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mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I clicked over here from a BlogHer link on my blog...and SO glad I did because your post made me laugh.

My husband wore his UGG slippers (with ugly socks and a pair of shorts) to the movies on Sunday afternoon. At least it was dark in the theater. ;) He has no pride but the rest of us do!!!