Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Peeps

Dare I say it, it has been over ten (plus) years since we all pledge AXO! Even though the years have come and gone since graduation and our little college town has now been invaded by Starbucks, and taco bueno's it still feels the same as it did back in the Fall of 1996.

A month ago we had the opportunity to have a girls weekend. We laughed until we cried, [of course at my expense of falling through a chair and the college girl complaining about her weight being stuck at 115 - but that is a different post], we danced all night, enjoyed our late night Whataburger and unfortunately realized that cheap liquor and a 3 AM (bed time) just isn't the same on our bodies.

Bottom line, it was a blast catching up with my peeps and reliving our good ol' SFA days despite the fact that we were now rolling down north street in our Mom mobiles!

Don't let the lipstick full you - we are a crazy bunch! Though distance may keep us apart we will continue to keep the party going.

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