Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's A Turkey Napkin, You Turkey

In one of my many trips to NM this past month, I came across instructions on how to fold a Turkey Napkin. It is simple and oh so cute. In six easy steps your table will become the gobble, gobble of the town.

The instructions are a little small so here they are a little clearer,

  1. Fold cloth in half vertically so open edge is on the rights.

  2. Fold napkin up one and a half inches from bottom edge, then fold it under itself, accordion-style

  3. Keep folding until 4 inches to 5 inches remain.

  4. Diagonally fold upper right corners (both layers) into the pleated section. Tuck edge into the pleating to create a triangle.

  5. Stand triangle upright on long edge into the pleating to create a triangle.

  6. Get a squash with a 1 to 2 inch stem. Glue on beak (corn husk or nut) and eyes (dried beans or whole cloves) to complete your holiday bird.

Then WA-LA your Turkey is born...

Cheers to creative napkin folding and the five star restaurants that are oh so good at it!

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