Thursday, November 20, 2008

Misguided Credit Limit

Since Monday I have been in NM for work and have been working like crazy.

After a great week of working hard and successfully completing my user acceptance testing my high quickly came to an end when I nestled into the airport bar booth to catch up on a little work before boarding my flight. After all, cheap wine and airport bars go hand and hand.

After placing my order and receiving my $7.00 dollar glass of $6.00 dollar a bottle wine, the [overly loud] waitress was sure to state for all to hear...

"Ms. I couldn't get your Card to Go Though!"

Yep, I am pretty sure she announced it over the PA, for the whole airport to hear.

But much to my surprise, my reaction wasn't geared to the fact that my credit card was rejected it was the overly joyous laugh and point in my face from the gentleman who was sitting in the booth next to me that caught my attention.

I guess you can say his reaction really chapped my hide! Yes, a chapped hide is the polite way of saying he was being a pain in my you know what.

So, I did what any responsible bill paying citizen would do, I called the credit card company to clear up the confusion and handed the waitress my debit card. After speaking to the customer service rep she explained that my card did not even recognize the location; therefore, it was the locations machine.

After the waitress returned I explained the situation and handed her my credit card to try it again, but this time Mr. Sarcastic just couldn't contain his excitement and he actually had the audacity to say, "Did you just increase your credit limit?"

In a button pushing, oh no he didn't reaction, I politely asked the waitress to put his tab on mine. The gentleman insisted that I really shouldn't since I appeared to be in some sort of Airport Bar Financial crisis.

All I could say was, "Sir, my situation seemed to be your entertaining gain and you should really recognize that though I may have appeared to be experiencing a brief (nano second) financial hardship for a $7.00 glass of wine that you really shouldn't be so quick to laugh at someones hardship. I think you need a little kindness today and I hope that you think of this miss interpreted situation each time you burp your mini corn dogs, because you clearly are misguided by the things in life that obviously bring you joy."

He smirked then left and was well in the land of airport bars and cheap wine.

Cheers to sticky situations and redefining the rules of not judging a book by it's cover!

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