Saturday, November 8, 2008

100% Marriage Saver

Well hello bloggers! I have missed you while I have been in New Mexico. I have been just dying to get back to the land of high speed and tell you about our past weekend events and share with you a great Christmas idea.

Weekend before last I had a wild hair to change the valances in my kitchen and the draperies in my bedroom. Well, to be honest it was the $13,000 dollar quote from JC Penny custom decorating that inspired me to put on my creative "recessionista" hat.

If case you haven't heard Linen and Things is going out of business and I was able to score these valances and these curtains in latte for less than $250 plus shipping. That is less than 20% of the quote that I received. Needless to say I was floating on my savings cloud again.

Unfortunately, my high ended as soon as I took the hardware out of the car and the hubby saw the nail holes in the wall beginning to flash before his eyes. He insisted that this was 100% my project and he would take no part in the death of our walls. No problem-o, I have it covered...or so I thought!

After trying and crying I realized that Mr. Sheet rock and Mr. Level had formed a conspiracy against little old me Rookie Curtain Hanger. After a few LOUD debates with the Hubby he began to feel my decorating crisis and offered up a little help.

Within 20 minutes my accessories were hanging nice and leveled all because of this 100% marriage saver...

If you have a wild decorating hair and the urge to hammer this is your friend! It is a laser level that attaches to the wall that guarantees not only a perfect line but also a happier decorating experience with the hubby! Thank you GG for this gift you are saying us time and therapy. Because of you Mr. Black and Decker Laser thingy, I now have the perfect Kitchen Valances [BTW, I added the fringe with liquid stitch to sass it up a little]...

This Christmas I highly recommend this gift for those who like to decorate and those who are forced to help them.

Cheers to Happy Decorating, Decorating Savings and Limited Holes in the Walls!

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