Monday, November 24, 2008

Now That is Romance

This weekend Cookie and I had a fun filled weekend with the family in my hometown. We were able to visit with my Mother and the rest of the family and helped my sister decorate her house for Christmas.

Decorating my sisters house inspired me to ask the hubby to get down our lights and test them so we could be ready to decorate for Christmas when we got home from the Thanksgiving holiday. If there is one thing the Hubby knows is that I enjoy a good count down to Santa's visit and decorating the house with lights!

In between one of the hubby's many football games he called to say that he was having a grand time preparing for our arrival back home on Sunday and that we would get all of the decorations down when we got back. He insisted that this past Saturday was going to be devoted to football. After spending the entire week with Cookie and being in Daddy overload, I couldn't deny him of his request.

On our way home the hubby called to say that he had dinner planned and it was a surprise. I just went with it.

When we arrived home, I was so excited to see that our Christmas lights were up! So, excited that I think I could have peed on myself from that level of excitement.

Later on in the afternoon our neighbor came by to borrow a sharpie. When I stepped out to admire my husbands great work I noticed that we had a new addition to our little reindeer family. This year there is a baby reindeer that is gazing up to our tree with lights.

I said to my neighbor, "hey that is new?" He said, "he didn't tell you?" No, what? "That is baby Cookie admiring her the Christmas tree!"

My heart melted! The tears began to the flow and for that level of thought fullness the hubby just scored a major stack of get out of jail free cards!

The hubby not only put up all of the lights by himself, he went above and beyond this year (even surviving an outing to Garden Ridge) to construct on of the most amazing displays of Christmas lights. Now that is R to the O to the M-A-N-C-E!

As for the lights in the trees this year...I think I might just have to let that one slide.

We may not be the Griswold's, but we are darn near close! Maybe next year we could do this...

Cheers to Christmas lights and the hubby who made it all happen, just to surprise little ol' me and Cookie!

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