Friday, September 5, 2008

Sleeping On My Savings Cloud

Recently I got the decorating bug, maybe it is due to the excessive amount of HGTV that I watch. After five years it was time to put my bedding out of its misery and send it to garbage heaven.

I shopped and I shopped [really goggled and goggled] for the perfect bedding and everything I liked of course was just over the top expensive with a capital E. Let's just say the sticker shock of bedding was comparable to the sticker shock to the price of a gallon of milk these days.

Then right before my eyes there it was, at of all places. Their Canopy collection was the perfect bedding, I had been searching for! Now if my screen only had the capabilities of letting me feel the bedding it would have been the perfect shopping experience, you know like the scratch and sniff stickers where you could smell the grape.

I took an online gamble and placed my order, because after all there is a Wally World on every corner in case I needed to return it. Wal-Mart now offers ship to store so I wouldn't be out the shipping cost. However, since the shipping cost was comparable to the price of gas, I went ahead and had it shipped to the house. Only problem with that was, Ms. UPS rang the door bell at 9 PM while Cookie was sleeping...ugh!

It arrived one week later and y'all I have to admit it was the best on-line purchase ever, at one of the most unlikely places I would have ever thought to look at for bedding. The best part is the whole thing cost me less than $150 for all of my bedding pieces in a king size...yes, KING. My pieces included the Euro shams, pillow cases, bed skirt, comforter, flannel blanket and throw pillows. As for the sheets, I found the perfect Chocolate color at Marshalls. Marshall's had their King size Hotel Quality sheet sets on sale for $30.

The pieces above my bed were my favorite $10 finds at Hobby Lobby. In case you didn't know, Hobby Lobby is my Mommy outlet and I am there just about evey other week finding my diamonds in the rough that I can take home and spray paint.

The Hubby always know when I have been to Hobby Lobby when he sees me pull out the old sheet [that has seven years worth of spray paint on it] and I place it in the middle of the backyard. Of course I am always so giddy when I say, "Look what I got for half off" and of course he cringes at the thought of me putting, yet another hole in the wall. However, this summer I learned how to patch up the wall with spackle so I can cover up the crime scene of "Excessive" hammering.

Now that I have admitted to my addiction of putting holes in the wall, I am sure the Hubby will read this post by the time he gets home from work and be curious to know what "wall" was the latest casualty...but just like psychotic Brittany Murphy in 2001's Don't Say a Word, I'll Never Tell.

Cheers to Happy Decorating & Savings!

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