Friday, September 12, 2008

Edition I -- The IKE Chronicles

After continuing to watch the news well into Wednesday evening, the hubby thought it would be best for Cookie and I evacuate on the morning of the 11th at 5 AM. When I called my sister to let her know that we were leaving at 5 AM and we would be arriving at Grandma's around 7 am, of course she questioned my 5 AM decision. I explained that there were two main reasons for my 5 AM departure. The first reason, was because we wanted to be ahead of the evacuating buses and secondly, because that is what time Starbucks opens! There was no way I was evacuating with grabbing one last cup of Joe from my favorite Baristas.

We arrived safely to my grandparents just as they were leaving to head to Wal-Mart, because they of course wanted to beat the crowds at 7 AM. While they were beating the crowds at Wal-Mart I began to unload the car and set up our little evacuation camp.

This is what I packed, besides Cookie of course:
  • Documents -- Ins.
  • Documents -- Mortgage PaPers
  • Documents -- Personal Records
  • Wedding Dress
  • Wedding Album
  • Jewelry
  • A few priceless photos

As I pulled each item out I thought how ironic, every item I quickly selected are the items that make us the Cook family. The wedding dress, wedding album and jewelry represent the moment we became a family, the documents hold the power to rebuild the roof over our heads, and the priceless photos are the ones that represent moments in our life that mean the most to us.

I hope that other families who were also mandated to evacuate were able to pack their important family items and I pray that you all are safe. Please remember, that the lord will not give us anything that we cannot handle.

Stay tune...

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Julie said...

I am so glad you guys decided to head out. I've been thinking about you guys! Stay safe and I hope all is well.