Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Edition II - The IKE Chronicles

This was originally typed on 9/13 in the aftermath of hurricane IKE in the dark of my grandparents living room.

After evacuating we thought that we would be in the clear and that Huntsville would sustain the winds of the hurricane. Well, I guess you can say that we were a little wrong. After a sleepless night of waiting for IKE to make landfall we paced the floors not knowing what tomorrow would bring.

After an hour of sleep, we awoke the next morning to find that Huntsville has been hit hard by the hurricane and that the subdivision that I evacuated to, had taken a direct hit. The beautiful pine and oak trees know laid on their sides, blocking streets and all of the entrances into the neighborhood.

This sign has always been a land mark when you are on 1-45. It was always are marker that we were almost home and had stood strong for atleast thrity years...

Now in the aftermath of IKE the sign is now on it's side!

We are so blessed that my grandparents and sister's homes, escaped the storm's wrath. However, we currently sit in the dark awaiting the lights to be restored.

In keeping strong to our faith we know that all things that were destructed by IKE can be restored. To those families who were impacted by IKE we will keep you in our hearts and prayers.

Tomorrow, will be my turn to face the distruction that IKE has caused in my community. But until then I will hold close to my family.

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